Waukesha County

Jury Questionnaire FAQs

Q:   How are the names selected for jury service in Waukesha County?

Waukesha County juror names are randomly selected from the Department of Transportation License and Identification lists. 

Q:   I received a questionnaire for my spouse or relative who is deceased. What should I do?

The questionnaire must still be returned with "DECEASED" written next to the person's name. Once we receive this information, we will update our records.

Q:   I received a questionnaire in the mail but I no longer live in Waukesha County. What should I do with the questionnaire?

Wisconsin law requires that the questionnaire still must be completed. Please answer the first eight questions and return to the jury office. Once your questionnaire is received, you will be removed from our lists.

Q:   Is there a penalty for not returning the Juror Qualification Questionnaire?

Yes. Failure to return the completed questionnaire within 10 days of receipt could result in a fine of up to $500.

Q:   May I leave a message on the Jury Line if I am unable to appear for jury duty?

No. The Jury Line is not an answering service and outside callers cannot leave messages on this recording. If you cannot appear, you must call the Jury Coordinator's office at 262-548-7504 between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  If a personal emergency situation arises on the day of trial, please call the jury office before 8:30 a.m. so that court proceedings are not delayed waiting for you to appear.

Q:   My son/daughter is away at college and has received a questionnaire to fill out. Can a parent fill this out for the student?

Yes - A parent can fill out the questionnaire for their college student. Generally students who attend college out of the area will receive a summons to appear for jury duty during the summer. If you know that the student will not be home during the summer, please note this on the questionnaire. Those students who attend college in the area will be expected to attend jury duty when they receive a summons unless they submit a written request to be excused along with a letter from the school stating that their grades are dependant on their attendance.

Q:   What if I have a medical condition that would prevent me from serving jury duty?

You must submit a medical statement indicating what condition you suffer from and what the prognosis is for recovery. This information will be reviewed by a Judge and you will either be excused or deferred to a more convenient time. If you are unable to obtain a medical excuse within 10 days of receiving your questionnaire, please return the questionnaire with a note that a medical excuse will follow. Please send the medical excuse as soon as possible after you receive it.