Waukesha County

Juvenile Fees

Civil & Criminal Costs, Fees, or Surcharges

May be imposed on minors 14 years of age or older


Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Deposit in TPR and guardianship of minor cases $500.00
Self-Help Packets

May be purchased for $5.00 @ Juvenile Court

  ***Please make all checks for Juvenile matters payable to "Clerk of Juvenile Court"  


General Fees

Filing Fees

Appeal to the Court of Appeals  (Please make check payble to the "Wisconsin Court of Appeals" 


Appeal Transmittal Fee  (Includes basic postage)  $20.00
Docket Fee  To docket judgments, transcripts of judgment, liens, warrants, awards, satisfactions, and assignments  $5.00
Transcript of Judgment  To file and docket  $10.00
Other Fees
Certificate of Judgment To issue (plus per page copy fee) 


Certified Copy Plus per page copy fee (except Probate)  $5.00 
Certified Copy Plus per page fee (Probate)  $3.00 
Copy Fee Per page cost  (except Probate)  $1.25 
Copy Fee Per page cost (Probate)  $1.00 
Execution Fee To issue  $5.00
Exemplified Copies (Triple Seal) Plus per page fee (except Probate)  $15.00 
Jury Fee - 12 Person   $72.00 
Jury Fee - 6 Person   $36.00 
Record Search Per name searched (except Probate)   $5.00 
Record Search Per name searched (Probate)  $4.00 
Satisfaction of Judgment/Lien Fee Per judgment  $5.00 

Related Sheriff's Department Fees

Process Service  3 Attempts