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Water Test Result Interpretation

For further information on how to interpret the results of your water test select from the test types below:

Bacteriological Contamination
A bacteriologically unsafe sample result indicates the Coliform organism was found in the water sample. Although the Coliform organism is typically found in soil, insects and the intestines of humans and animals, its presence in the water sample indicates the water is potentially dangerous and is not suitable for domestic use and consumption.

Nitrate levels in excess of 10mg/l exceed the maximum level for safe drinking water and present a potential health problem for infants six months of age or younger. If the reported level is in excess of 10 mg/l and there is an infant less than six months of age in your home, do not give high nitrate water to the infant either directly or in formula. Boiling high nitrate water will only increase the nitrate level due to the evaporation of the water. You may bring in a cup of water collected in a clean container to our office.

Families with children are sometimes advised by their doctor or dentist to have their drinking water tested for fluoride to determine if a fluoride supplement should be added to the diet of their children. You are advised to show your results to you doctor or dentist for further interpretation. If you would like your water tested for fluoride please bring in a cup of your water in a clean container to our office.

Water is normally considered “hard” when it contains in excess of 100 mg/l of hardness, and is considered “soft” when it contains less than 50 mg/l hardness. If you wish to have the hardness of your water tested, you may bring in a cup of your water in a clean container to our office.

Iron Test
Iron levels in excess of 0.03 mg/l are not considered hazardous to health but may be objectionable to an appreciable number of people due to taste or staining problems. If you wish to have your well water tested for iron, you may bring in a cup of water in a clean container to our office.

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