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Preliminary Site Evaluation

If you are remodeling or improving your home and it has a private sewage disposal system, you will need to have a Preliminary Site Evaluation (PSE) completed before you can receive a building permit. The PSE is meant to insure that:

  1. The proposed improvement will maintain the minimum isolation distance to the existing private sewage system,
  2. The existing sewage system is functioning properly, and
  3. To determine if the improvement will result in an increase in the wastewater load.

For outbuildings, sheds, swimming pools, decks, and remodeling or building additions that do not include an increase in the number of bedrooms, a private sewage system evaluation will be conducted to verify that minimum isolation distances are being maintained.

For remodeling or building additions involving an increase in the number of bedrooms, or an increase or change in use for a commercial building , an evaluation that includes a soil test, verification of septic tank capacity and identification of replacement system area may be necessary.

A PSE application, appropriate fees, description of the proposed improvement and plans must be submitted to the Parks and Land Use Department before an evaluation will be conducted.

To submit the Preliminary Site Evaluation form and site plan by email:  [email protected] 
Once we have received all the required paperwork we will contact you for payment.

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