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Joining 4-H

You can join 4-H any time of year, but the best time to join a 4-H Community Club is in the fall of the year when the 4-H year begins (September)*

Getting Started

The first step in joining 4-H is to choose a Community Club. For a current list of Community Clubs, click here. The next step is to enroll in the Waukesha County 4-H program electronically using 4HOnline.

4HOnline Overview (For a step-by-step guide for the online enrollment process click here**.)

A family profile and member profile for each youth and/or adult volunteer will need to be set up. This information should be entered by a parent/guardian.

Besides the basic information on 4HOnline, two critical pieces shape your 4-H experience: The first is your e-mail address. By providing a current e-mail address, you will be kept informed of important meetings, deadlines, and other information regarding projects or SPIN clubs your child has signed up to participate in.

Community Club: Involves members of a variety of ages and interests. In Waukesha County the average size for a community club is 20 to 25 members, but it may have more than 100 members. All members attend the “general” club meetings, which may be held monthly throughout the year. Club meetings include group-building activities, business and educational programs. Each member also participates in one or more project groups. These meet on a variable schedule at other times throughout the year under the guidance of a volunteer project leader.

Each family with youth members will enroll in 4HOnline and pay an enrollment fee of $40, which supports Waukesha County UW-Extension. Please make enrollment checks ($40.00) payable to Waukesha County UW-Extension. To pay county enrollment fee online, click here. 
Community Club leaders can also collect county enrollment fee payments to be turned into the UW-Extension Office and should  collect club dues, if applicable. As always, 4-H families with no youth members (adult volunteers) do not have to pay an enrollment fee. However, they must enroll in 4HOnline. Enrollment fees are non-refundable.

Community Club families may be eligible for a partial enrollment fee waiver if they cannot afford the $40/family. Families approved for this waiver will pay an enrollment fee of $15. All questions regarding this fee waiver should be addressed to the 4-H Office.


*Youth joining a Community Club after March 1 will be unable to show their 4-H projects at that year’s County Fair and will not be eligible for awards or for the discounted rates for summer Camp.

**If you are a returning 4-H family and came here to find step-by-step re-enrollment instructions, here they are: 4HOnline-Re-Enroll.**


Waukesha County 4-H Staff

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4-H Support Staff

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