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Activities, Camps and Special Events


Throughout the year, the 4-H program offers activities and special events outside of the local club environment. Some occur annually, while others are one-time special opportunities.

Annual Activities

Annual 4-H Basketball Tournament: The 4-H Basketball Tournament is a daylong event held in March. 4-H clubs may register a team, or individual 4-H members may register and be assigned to a team. Every registered player plays on a team. There are age-specific teams, with an emphasis on sportsmanship and competition. Younger teams are coed. Teams practice together and play in the tournament together. There are five divisions based on grade.

Performing Arts Day:
Usually held in February or March where active 4-H youth can sign-up for the following: 

Curtain Call / Drama – Clubs perform skits, plays, and musicals. Judges critique the performances. Curtain Call sign-up is usually done through their 4-H Club.
Curtain Call Evaluation Form

Demos - 4-H Demonstrations, offers 4-H members the opportunity to share a project or activity in a “show and tell” format. 
Demo Day Critique Form

Public Speaking, individual event
Public Speaking Evaluation Form
Declamation Criteria 

Showcase / Music, individual performances by 4-H members. Performances can be spoken word, singing, dance or instrumental. A group of 4-H members can provide additional entertainment as they perform together in the “band jam”; Dance troupes may also perform.
Instrument Criteria
Piano - Keyboard Criteria
Vocal Criteria
Dance Criteria



Summer Camp

4-H Summer Camp is an overnight camp that takes place each year in August. Mark your calendars this year's camp dates are: August 11-14, 2019.

Youth ages 9-16 enjoy four days and three nights at camp. Their days are spent doing a variety of activities including swimming, boating, canoeing, archery, horseback riding, team building, and educational crafts. Each evening they enjoy campfires, songs, skits and special themed programs. 

4-H Summer Camp provides leadership training and opportunites for the older youth who, along with 4-H adult volunteers, plan and organize camp activities. 

We are limited to about 90 youth this year and have reached our maximum. If you are interested in being wait listed please fill out the registration packet and get it into the Extension Office today. 


Waukesha County Special Events


State Educational Opportunities

States' 4-H International Exchange Programs

State 4-H Plant Science Day
July 9, 2019

4-H Arts Camp 
October 5-6, 2019 

2019 Fall Forum 
November 1-3, 2019 



Youth and Family Educator

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4-H Support Staff

Molly Ellis
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