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Local Family Court Rules

Local family court judicial administrative rules and established policies and procedures.

Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 767-Actions Affecting the Family  

Direct link to the statutes that govern the Family Court.

Waukesha County Court Self-Help Program

Procedural information, forms, and instructions for divorce, legal separation, and post judgment matters.

Waukesha County Family Court Counseling Services 

Advocates for the best interest of children whose parents are involved in disputes related to custody and placement divorce and paternity actions.


Child Support Related Links

Waukesha County Child Support Division

Child Support enforcement services are available from this office.

Chapter DCF 150
(Previously DWD Ch 40)

Child support guidelines and tables.

Child Support Conversion Table 

Table used to calculate child support when one parent cares for the child for more than 75% of the time.

Serial Family Child Support Calculator 

Spreadsheet to help estimate support payments if the paying parent is paying support to more than one family.

Shared Placement Child Support Calculator 

Spreadsheet used to calculate support payments in shared-placement cases where each parent cares for the child at least 25% of the time.

Low Income Payer Child Support Table 

Table used to calculate child support if the payer's income is less than $1,050/month ($12,600/year).

High Income Payer Child Support Calculator 

Spreadsheet used to calculate estimated support payments if the payer's income is over $7,000/month ($84,000/year)

Child Support Balances

Allows parties to view child support, family support, and maintenance balances and payment histories and print payment coupons. First-time users will need to create and activate a new Logon account.

General Child Support Information  Provides an abundance of publications and information on child support payments, assistance, fees, etc.


Divorce Education Seminar Links

Helping Children Cope with Divorce Seminar Brochure 

Brochure for the statutorily required co-parenting divorce class.

Helping Children Cope with Divorce Seminar Schedule 

Seminar schedule for the statutorily required co-parenting divorce class.


Grandparent Links

Grand Resource Guide 

A guide to help grandparents and relatives who have assumed the parent role of children. It contains vital information concerning issues such as childcare, legal concerns, finances, and parenting again.

General Court Links

Legal Topics A-Z Provides basic information and definitions for most legal topics. Also links to other legal research sites and resources.
Legal Dictionary Legal Terms and definitions
Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Public access to court case and calendar information.
Wisconsin State Statutes - All Access to the latest version of any WI State Statute.
Waukesha County Local Court Rules  Local judicial administrative rules and established policies and procedures.
Wisconsin State Forms Access to all state mandatory and pro se forms in downloadable versions.
State of Wisconsin Self-Help Center Provides statewide information and resources for people representing themselves in court.
Legal Explorer Legal information and educational resources provided by the Wisconsin State Bar Association through their public website.
Waukesha County Clerk of Courts Provides information about all Circuit Court Services divisions.
Wisconsin Court System Provides information on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Office of Lawyer Regulation, and other court related resources.
Wisconsin State Law Library A comprehensive collection of legal materials and a variety of reference and research services.
Wisconsin State Bar Provides links to free Wisconsin case law, statutes, court rules and other public resources.
Interpreter Roster A directory of Wisconsin certified interpreters in 24 languages (including American Sign Language).
WI Clerk of Courts Directory Provides contact information for all of Wisconsin’s Clerks of Circuit Court offices.
International Process Servers Association Search world-wide for a process server.
Wisconsin Association of Mediators A non-profit association of professional mediators, volunteer mediators, and individuals who promote and develop the use and practice of cooperative conflict resolution through mediation.

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First Call for Help (2-1-1) Community agency that provides referral, telephone counseling, community outreach, and in-person counseling services.
Waukesha County Provides links to all Waukesha County departments and government Officials.
State of Wisconsin Provides links and information on government programs, agencies, legislation, and state officials.
Wisconsin State Legislature Provides a searchable database of bills and amendments, statutes and other legislative documents, provides help finding your state and federal representatives, and can help you track legislative activities on proposals, committees, authors, and subjects.
Wisconsin Blue Book Contains the biographies and photos of Wisconsin's elected public officials, the text of the Wisconsin Constitution, a detailed description of the organization and functions of state government, and a statistical section providing diverse information on the state.
First Gov Provides a rich treasure of online information, services and resources about the US Government.