Waukesha County

Finding a Lawyer
State Public Defender's Office An independent state agency charged by Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 977 with providing legal representation to indigent clients in criminal and certain civil cases.

Waukesha Lawyer Referral and Information Service

Service available to individuals who need an attorney in Waukesha County that assesses the need for an attorney and makes appropriate referrals.
Family Legal Clinic Information on the 20 minute free legal consultation available for family court matters.
Legal Action (Waukesha County Satellite through Cooperating Congregations) A program that provides civil legal services to the indigent through staff and volunteer lawyers.
Wisconsin Lawyer Referral and Information Service An individual's legal needs are assessed by a legal assistant who's experienced in analyzing potential legal problems -- and in helping individuals locate the best source of help, including lawyers located in an individual's geographical area.
Legal Resources for Low Income/Indigent Litigants Directory of legal resources available in the metro Milwaukee area.
Legal Services/Servicios Legales A service that provides legal services at a reasonable cost to low income residents in Southeastern Wisconsin. No website available. Call 414-435-0636.  Habla espanol.
Marquette Legal Clinic Link to information about a free legal clinic to get advice from volunteer attorneys and law students.
Legal Services For Immigrants A Catholic Charities program for immigrants who need assistance with their legal status for living in the United States.
Senior Law A program that serves Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin residents aged 60 or older of any income.
Coalition for Wisconsin's Aging Groups Provides information on Advocacy, Legislation, Legal Rights, Benefits, Publications, and other information for the aging population.
Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy A program that provides protection and advocacy for people with disabilities throughout the state.
Federal Bankruptcy Court The bankruptcy section of the Milwaukee Bar Association, with the assistance and support of the State Bar of Wisconsin, provides a Pro Se Bankruptcy Help Desk at the United States Bankruptcy Court in Milwaukee.