Waukesha County


Procedural Checklist

  1. Contact the Waukesha County Civil Court Division to make a court appointment.
    By phone: 262-548-7556 or 262-548-7525

    In Person: Waukesha County Courthouse, Room C-167
    515 W. Moreland Blvd.
    Waukesha, WI 53188

    Applications and Appeals for Occupational Driver’s Licenses for Habitual Traffic Offenders are heard by a Circuit Court Judge assigned to the Criminal/Traffic Court Division one day a week.

  2. To prepare for your court appearance, you must complete and obtain the following:

3. Take the following with you to your court appearance in the Waukesha County Courthouse, Room C-167:

  • All of the items you prepared and obtained in #2 above
  • Non-refundable $40.00 (cash, credit [Visa or Mastercard], or check or money order made payable to the “Clerk of Circuit Court”)

4. Check in with the clerk in Room C-167 who will:

  • Review your paperwork
  • Collect your non-refundable fee
  • Direct you to the correct courtroom where your matter will be heard by a Circuit Court Judge assigned to the Criminal/Traffic Court Division.

5. Check in with the bailiff when you arrive at the assigned courtroom.

6. Although each judge handles the hearing differently, he/she will generally call each individual’s case, review the application, ask questions, and give a decision. The Judge may:

  • Grant the application as requested
  • Grant the application with modifications
  • Deny the application

7. After court, return to the Civil Court Division, Room C-167.

If the court GRANTS the application, the clerk will make a copy of the Judge’s signed order for our records and refer you to the local DMV where you must present the original court order to obtain your Occupational Driver’s License.

If the court DENIES the application, your option is to File An Appeal with the Wisconsin Court of Appeals.