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Waukesha County Will Focus on Vaccination of 65+ Population as Eligibility Expands, Will Partner with State to Administer Vaccines to Educators

Waukesha County and its healthcare partners will continue to focus COVID-19 vaccination efforts on the 65 and older population until at least 60% of the individuals in this group have had access to at least one dose of vaccine.


Although the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) has announced that new groups will be eligible to be vaccinated on March 1, the State has emphasized that vaccine providers should prioritize previously eligible groups before newer groups. Both State and County plans do not anticipate vaccine becoming available to additional groups until mid-March.


65+ Vaccination Progress

As of today Friday, February 26, 49.9% of Waukesha County’s 65 and older population have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. At the current rate of vaccination, Waukesha County anticipates reaching the 60% threshold in mid-March. 


By the time the 60% threshold is met for vaccinating older adults, Waukesha County anticipates having an increased vaccine supply. This will allow the County to begin vaccinating educators while maintaining steady access to vaccine for the 65 and older population. 


Vaccinating Educators 

While educators will be eligible to be vaccinated starting March 1, the State of Wisconsin will not begin allocating vaccine doses for educators until March 15. Waukesha County, in collaboration with school district leadership, is providing DHS with the number of vaccine doses needed for local educators.  DHS will set aside a forecasted amount of vaccine just for educators and will determine which districts or schools will prioritized for vaccination. Waukesha County Public Health does not have the authority to deviate from DHS’ prioritized allocations. 


Waukesha County Public Health is working directly with public and private schools to coordinate vaccination efforts. Educators should wait to hear from their school or district to learn when vaccine appointments will be available to them.


When Other Eligible Groups Can Anticipate Access to Vaccine 

Wisconsin DHS estimates that additional eligible groups, such as essential workers and people living in congregate settings will be able to access vaccine as soon as April. However, access to vaccination is based on the vaccine supply, and these estimated timeframes could change. 


A list of current eligible  groups and the State’s estimate of when many of them may be able to access vaccine in the State of Wisconsin is available here


If members of eligible groups can access vaccination opportunities through their healthcare provider or a local pharmacy, they are encouraged to take advantage of those opportunities.  

Residents Can Sign Up for Weekly Vaccination Updates
Waukesha County residents can sign up to receive a weekly communication about COVID-19 and vaccination information. These updates will go out every Thursday, after the Vaccine Data tab on Waukesha County’s COVID-19 dashboard is updated. Residents can sign up by texting WAUKESHA to the number 22828 or by visiting www.waukeshacounty.gov/COVID19

Waukesha County continues assisting organizations that are interested in becoming registered vaccinators. Organizations that want to be connected to vaccine or help with the vaccination effort can find more information at www.waukeshacounty.gov/covidvaccine



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