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  • Business Recycling

    Business Recycling at Disposal Resources:

    Businesses are required to recycle under the same landfill ban as households. Recyclables must be collected separately from trash. Recycling containers must be available in the building, and building owners must provide recycling carts or dumpsters outdoors for collection by a hauler.  For additional information on recycling requirements see Recycling Law & County Ordinances. 

    Recycling Resources

    Office Recycling Guide

    Business Recycling Haulers

    Additional Business Recycling Resources

    Join the growing list of county businesses reaping benefits from a FREE, non-regulatory waste evaluation by our Business Recycling Specialist! Whether it's an office, restaurant, manufacturer, or retail operation, trash disposal represents profit loss. Find new ways to improve the bottom line!

    An on-site visit can be scheduled at your convenience to evaluate opportunities to reduce trash volume & costs, recycle more, and find solutions for disposing of unusual materials. Depending upon the size of your business, the visit can last from 10 minutes to 1 hour. Recommendations are provided orally or written, as preferred, following the visit.

    Small businesses may be provided with indoor office recycling containers & posters to assist with collections in the workplace. Call 262-896-8317 for more information or to schedule a FREE evaluation!

    The Waukesha County Business Recycling Specialist offers chamber presentations and can provide assistance directly through the chamber office as a benefit to members. Green Business Awards for recycling & reducing waste are also available.

  • Event Recycling

    Public places and events are required to recycle, just like households and businesses. Recycling must be available for event patrons, vendors, employees and participants.

    Places required to recycle include parks, recreational facilities, athletic complexes, festivals, carnivals, sports tournaments, walks/runs and more.

    Waukesha County provides recycling assistance for public places and events through a bin loan program available at no cost to event planners. Temporary bins and bags are provided, along with technical assistance as needed.

    Event planners must provide their own volunteers to manage the recycling and ensure proper disposal after the event.

    For further information, please contact us at recycling@waukeshacounty.gov or call 262-896-8300.

    Our recycling staff works with community park and recreation departments and athletic event organizers to develop and improve recycling programs. Permanent outdoor recycling bins are available through a county grant program, subject to available funds. For details, call 262-896-8300

    For information about recycling at a church, hospital, restaurant, retail, or other venue, select the Recycling at a Business tab.

  • School Recycling

    Schools are required to recycle under the same landfill ban guidelines as households.

    Recyclables must be collected separately from trash. Recycling containers must be available in school buildings, and recycling carts or dumpsters available outdoors for collection by a hauler. For more information, please contact us at recycling@waukeshacounty.gov or call 262-896-8317.

    Want to schedule a Recycling Program at your school? See our Recycling Education Programs tab.

    The County’s Green Schools Program provides new recycling bins to schools, including classroom, cafeteria, hallway, or outdoor bins. Custodial equipment to assist with collections is also eligible for funding. Our staff provides complementary education for students and staff to help promote proper recycling. Waukesha County Green Schools Assistance Program

    Schools in Waukesha County can receive assistance through the County’s Green Schools program toward fulfilling the requirements of the Wisconsin DNR/DPI Green & Healthy Schools certification program or the national "Green" Ribbon Schools certification.
    For more information, please contact us at recycling@waukeshacounty.gov or call 262-896-8317.

    Getting a process started for recycling milk cartons and juice boxes at your school is easier than you think! Milk Carton & Juice Box Recycling

  • Recycling Education

    Waukesha County provides free Recycling Education Programs for groups of all ages. By appointment only. Minimum group sizes apply. For more information, or to schedule a program, email us at recycling@waukeshacounty.gov or call 262-896-8300.

    For more about these and other Environmental Education opportunities please view the Waukesha County Environmental Education Activity Guide or the Waukesha County Environmental Educational School Guide.

  • Yard Waste and Compost

    Waukesha County does not accept yard waste of any kind. Yard waste is handled differently by each community, so please check with your village, town, or city hall. If no program is available, use the links below, or contact a private firm.

    What Can You Do?


    Brush and Branches

    Grass Clippings

    Invasive Species

    Dirt, Rocks, Sod

    Community Recycling Drop-Off Sites

    COMPOSTING(Visit our News & Events webpage for free compost workshops held periodically by County staff.)

    Composting is a great way to recycle leaves, grass clippings, yard trimmings, and even kitchen scraps at home. Finished compost can be added to the soil as a great organic plant food.

    Why Compost?

    Why Vermicompost? Red worms, known scientifically as Eisenia foetida, can turn food waste into nutrient-rich compost for gardens and houseplants. In a worm composting bin (also called a vermicomposting bin), worms create a valuable soil amendment out of things like: old newspapers, vegetable food scraps, trimmings from your house plants and other organic materials.

    Compost Bins can be purchased at Retzer Nature Center for $60.
    These bins have a capacity of 12 cubic feet and are 36"x 30" assembled. They come as two halves with a snap-lock connection; locking lid and compost book included.


    Backyard Burning. Every spring and fall, burning is an issue in Waukesha County. Some municipalities don't offer yard waste collection services and residents may decide to burn yard waste. Some people also burn garbage and other items that might create a health hazard. Residents should be aware of the consequences of back yard burning and the alternatives that exist. There are better ways to manage yard waste.

    Rain Garden Information

    Rain Barrel Information

    Gravel Pit Reclamation and Composting Project

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