Waukesha County

This comprehensive K-12 environmental education curriculum developed collaboratively between Waukesha County, School District or Waukesha, and Carroll University has fully integrated NGSS Science and Literary Standards.

The goal of this curriculum is to create more scientifically and environmentally literate citizens with the ability to understand and critically assess current scientific and environmental issues, along with a desire and ability to engage in these issues. This project focuses on improving efficiencies through program coordination among partners as well as building comprehensive approaches. 

The curriculum can be downloaded in PDF or iBook form through the links below. Downloads that occur from the iTunes store will be automatically updated periodically through the iTunes store. The most current PDFs will be maintained on this site whenever an update occurs. 

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Thank you to our curriculum reviewers:  Kathleen Arts , Todd Steffanus, Breanna Beadle, Michelle Sciborski, Allie Turner-Remmers, Deanna Day, Kaitlyn Miszewski, Jennifer Burns, Sally Turner, John Tompsett and Laureanna Raymond. 

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