Waukesha County

"Who Maintains My Road?"

Have some questions about roads in Waukesha County? Get in touch with one of the agencies at work in the area! Here's how to determine whom to contact:

Type of road:
How you can tell:
Click here:
Waukesha County highways These roadways bear a "letter" name • eg "Highway NN" WaukeshaCounty.gov 
Wisconsin DOT system*  These roadways bear a "number" name • eg "Highway 83" 511WI.gov*
Municipal roads These roadways bear a "street" name • eg "Main Street"  search by "municipality name" 

*Snow plowing on State and US roads is managed by Waukesha County Public Works. 

Still not sure where to look? No problem! Phone us anytime at 262-548-7740. Thank you!

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Waukesha County Department of Public Works
515 W Moreland Blvd  AC220 • Waukesha WI 53226
phone 262-548-7740 • fax 262-896-8097