Waukesha County

General Jury Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is the Jury Line?

The Jury Line is a recorded telephone message jurors are required to call after 5:00 p.m. the night before each jury date on their summons.  The message provides information on the status of jury trials, whether a juror must still appear for jury duty, and what time they are to appear. This message should be listened to in its entirety.  The Jury Line number is 262-548-7531.

Q:   When am I to call the Jury Line?

If your summons advises you to appear for jury duty on a specific date, you must call the Jury Line AFTER 5:00 P.M. the NIGHT BEFORE THE JURY TRIAL. It is your responsibility to call the Jury Line to obtain information regarding whether you still need to appear for jury duty.

Q:   During what hours can I call the Jury Line?

 You can call the Jury Line at any time. This recorded message runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q:   How long does a jury trial last?

Most jury trials last one to two days; however, each case varies. The Court will provide you with information on the potential length of the trial during the juror selection process.  

Q:   How long will I serve on jury duty?

Waukesha County Jurors serve a one day or one trial term of jury service.  If you appear and are not selected to serve on a jury by the end of the first day of service, your jury service is considered fulfilled.  When you are selected to sit on a jury panel in a trial, you are required to serve for the duration of that trial and your jury service is considered fulfilled at the conclusion of that trial. 

Q:   How much does a juror receive for jury duty?

You will receive $15 for one-half day (4 hours or less) and $30 for one full day (more than 4 hours) in addition to a daily travel fee of $7.   

Q:   I have been convicted of a crime. Can I still serve on jury duty?

If you have been convicted of a felony, but have completed your sentence and had all of your civil rights restored, you are eligible to serve as a juror.  If your sentence is not complete and you have not had your civil rights restored, you are not eligible to serve as a juror.

Q:   If I neglect to call the Jury Line and appear for jury duty when all cases have settled, do I get paid for that day?

No. You will only be paid if you appear as instructed by the message on the Jury Line.

Q:   What is the appropriate attire for jurors?

Business casual dress is recommended.  Formal attire is not necessary but informal attire such as shorts, halters, tank tops and shirts with offensive writing are not appropriate.  Hats are not allowed unless worn for religious purposes.  Jurors are advised to dress in layers as the temperature in the jury assembly area and in the courtrooms can be unpredictable.

Q:   What types of cases are scheduled for jury trials?

Jury trials may be scheduled in civil, criminal, traffic matters and occasionally in a paternity or juvenile matter.

Q:   When do I get paid for jury duty?

Payments are mailed to jurors within 30 days following completion of their designated service.

Q:   Will I ever be in a sequestered jury trial?

A sequestered jury trial is one in which the jurors are required to stay in a local hotel for the duration of the trial.  Such trials are uncommon.  If the Court has ruled that jurors be sequestered, those jurors would be notified in advance in writing and provided with all pertinent information.