Waukesha County

Case Type List by Division

If you know your case number, the two letters in the center of the case number make up the case code.

  Example Case Number: 2000PA009999 Family
Case Code Case Type/Action Division
AD Adoption Juvenile or Probate
CF Felony Criminal/Traffic
CI Commitment of an Inmate Criminal/Traffic or Civil (if closed)
CL Construction Lien Civil
CM Misdemeanor Criminal/Traffic
CO Condominium Lien Civil
CT Criminal Traffic Criminal/Traffic
CV Civil Civil
CX Complex Forfeitures Civil
FA Family Family
FJ Foreign Judgments Various Divisions
FO Non-Traffic Ordinance Violation Criminal/Traffic
GF Group File Various Divisions
GJ Group Juvenile Juvenile
GN Guardianships Juvenile or Probate
GP Group Probate Probate
HL Hospital Lien Civil
HT Habitual Traffic Offender Civil
IN Informal Probate Probate
IP Incarcerated Person Civil
JA Juvenile Adoption Juvenile
JC Juvenile CHIPS Juvenile
JD John Doe Various Divisions
JG Juvenile Guardianship Juvenile
JI Juvenile Injunction Juvenile
JJ Juvenile Judgments Juvenile
JM Juvenile Civil Commitment Juvenile
JO Juvenile Civil Law and Ordinance Violations Juvenile
JT Joint tenancy Probate
JV Juvenile Delinquency Juvenile/JIPS
ME Civil Commitment Juvenile or Probate
ML Mechanic's Lien Civil
OL Other Lien Civil
PA Paternity Family
PR Probate Probate
SC Small Claims Civil
SW Search Warrants Various Divisions
TC Tribal Court Orders Various Divisions
TJ Transcript of Judgment Civil
TP Juvenile Termination of Parental Rights Juvenile
TR Traffic Forfeiture Criminal/Traffic
TW Tax Warrants Civil
UC Unemployment Compensation Civil
WC Worker's Compensation Civil
WL Wills Probate


Court Division Phone Numbers:

Civil Division (262) 548-7525 or fax (262) 548-7546
Criminal/Traffic Division (262) 548-7484 or fax (262) 896-8228
Family Division (262) 548-7544 or fax (262) 896-8364
Juvenile Division (262) 548-7449 or fax (262) 548-7459
Probate Division (262) 548-7468 or fax (262) 548-7459

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