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Waukesha County Public Works
Highway Operations division
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The Waukesha County Adopt-A-Highway program is administered by the Waukesha County Public Works - Highway Operations division.

What is Adopt-A-Highway? This program encourages local schools, scouts troops, business and civic organizations, churches, families, and more to "adopt" a two-mile section of County Highway.

What does an adopting group do? Three times a year from April 1 - November 1, the adopting group agrees to clean their section of County Highway "right-of-way" and place the bags of refuse along the highway for removal by County Highway trucks. The group may keep any of the recyclable materials. Note: All participants shall be at least 11 years old or in sixth grade.

Are there fees? There is no charge to the group. Each group's name appears on a roadside sign at their adopted area; each group is provided garbage bags and safety vests.

To apply: Click below or contact Barb Sylvester of Waukesha County Public Works - Highway Operations division. Thank you!

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