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Members of the Public Urged to Stop Calling 911, Going to Emergency Rooms for Non-Emergency Symptoms

(Waukesha, WI) - Waukesha County residents are urged to avoid calling 911 or going to the emergency room unless they are experiencing a life-safety emergency. The first step to address most health concerns that may be related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is to call your doctor or healthcare provider for medical information or call 211 to be connected with non-profit or government services.

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and public health providers are experiencing unprecedented call volume from the public. Unnecessarily contacting emergency services with questions that can be answered online at sites such as www.waukeshacounty.gov/COVID19 or by calling 211 impedes their ability to help individuals who may have life-threatening conditions.

Most people with symptoms should STAY HOME to prevent spread of and exposure to COVID-19:

• If you develop symptoms such as fever, cough, and/or difficulty breathing, and have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19 or have recently traveled from an area with ongoing spread of COVID-19, stay home and call your healthcare provider.
• Older patients and individuals who have severe underlying medical conditions or are immunocompromised should contact their healthcare provider early, even if their illness is mild.

When to call 911 or go to the Emergency Room:
• Only call 911 or go to an emergency room if you are experiencing a medical emergency.
• If you have non-emergency medical questions about COVID-19, or other health concerns, call your doctor or healthcare provider FIRST. Your doctor will determine if you have signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and whether you should be tested.

How can I get tested for COVID-19?
• Call your doctor or other medical provider first. Do not show up at a clinic or ER emergency room to try to get tested for COVID-19 without calling first.
• If you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19 or have recently traveled and develop symptoms of COVID-19, call your healthcare provider. They will decide whether you need to be tested. Keep in mind that there is no treatment for COVID-19 and people who are mildly ill may be able to isolate and care for themselves at home.

For more information and resources about COVID-19 in Waukesha County, please visit www.waukeshacounty.gov/COVID19 To find more information about the number of positive COVID-19 cases in Waukesha County, visit the WI DHS Outbreaks page.

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