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Waukesha County Reminds Residents to Dispose of Summer Waste Properly

With peak grilling and planting season around the corner, Waukesha County reminds residents to dispose of their summer waste items properly. Propane tanks, landscape plastics and hoses never belong in curbside recycling containers.


“It’s important to know what items belong in your curbside recycling bins,” said Analiese Smith, Recycling & Solid Waste Supervisor for Waukesha County. “Improper items can damage equipment, cost taxpayers money, and can also be extremely dangerous for collection and recycling facility workers.”


Residents can review the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of recycling at home with the County’s online Curbside Recycling Guide in English or Spanish at www.waukeshacounty.gov/curbsiderecycling. Here are a few of the common summer items that cannot be recycled at home:


  • Propane Tanks – Are dangerous to workers even when empty. They can be returned or exchanged at participating local retail stores. Residents are encouraged to ask if the store is participating in a take-back program when purchasing propane cylinders of any size.
  • Landscape Plastic Containers and Trays – Plastic pots, containers, and trays are contaminated with dirt and debris, even when rinsed. Residents are encouraged to check with their local nursery or garden store to see if a take-back program is offered. Containers should be disposed of in their trash containers if reuse is not an option.
  • Garden Hoses – Hoses can tangle around sorting equipment and cause damage or endanger workers. Residents should dispose of old hoses in their trash containers.


For more detailed information on product disposal, visit www.waukeshacounty.gov/productdisposal or call 262-896-8300. Follow @WaukCoRecycles on Twitter or like Waukesha County Recycles on Facebook for more recycling news and tips.


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