Waukesha County

Fees and Forms (Funeral Homes)

Cremation Permit - The fee for 2024 (eff: 1/1/2024) is $293  

For your convenience, the Cremation Request Form is a fillable electronic form Cremation Form.  Request forms must be submitted to our office any time a cremation permit is needed.

Death Certificate - The fee for 2024 (eff: 1/1/2024) is $94

Our office will start all death records in SVRIS (state vital records system) when we are certifying.  Funeral homes will be granted access to the respective death record after we speak with the family and confirm funeral home selection.

Transport - The fee for 2024 (eff: 1/1/2024) is $226

Disinterment - The fee for 2024 (eff: 1/1/2024) is $65 

In order for remains to be disinterred from our county, our office must issue a Disinterment Release.  Before issuing the form, we must receive the original, notarized Disinterment Permit Request Form and payment in full.  The request form is located here for your convenience Disinterment Permit Request.

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