Waukesha County

Fees and Forms

Death Certificate

You may apply to the Waukesha County Register of Deeds for certified and/or uncertified copies of the death certificate through use of the following form: DC Application. Further information may be found at the Waukesha County Register of Deeds web site.

Other Fees

Cremation Permit - The fee, charged to the funeral home, is $245.

For your convenience, the Cremation Request Form is a fillable electronic form available for you to complete, print and fax to our office: Cremation Form

Death Certificate - For any case in which our office determines cause and manner of death and signs the Death Certificate, the fee is $81. This fee is also charged to the funeral home of record.

Reports - The Waukesha County Medical Examiner's office does not automatically send reports to family members as not everyone wishes to receive them. If you would like a report, please contact our office. Copies of autopsy reports, etc., are provided without charge to the next of kin. For other interested parties, copies carry a nominal charge for copying of $.15/page. Reports are also available electronically via email or fax. Please contact our office at 262-548-7575 or by sending an email to MedicalExaminer@waukeshacounty.gov if you would like to request a report.

Disinterment - In order for remains to be relocated, our office must issue a Disinterment Release; the fee is $65 and must be presented with the permit request. Before issuing the form, we must receive an original, notarized copy of the Disinterment Permit Request; this form is available at most cemeteries or here: Disinterment Permit Request