Waukesha County

Hidden Threats*

3 hours
Retzer Nature Center and Planetarium fees apply

For current program rates, see the Waukesha County Environmental Education School Guide

Students will explore local threats to the land and water, their impacts, and  how these threats may be mitigated. Students will investigate invasive species threatening the ecosystems of southern Wisconsin, specifically, the challenges these species present at Retzer Nature Center. In addition, students will use a  watershed model to see what threats to water quality are affecting our waters and how they get there. This program includes a planetarium show, Dynamic Earth, that explores the inner workings of Earth’s climate system. 

Collaborative Curriculum: What are some of the hidden threats to the environment and what is their impact? How can these threats be mitigated?

*This is a Community Connections, Impacts & Actions Collaborative Curriculum program hosted by Waukesha County. 

Standards: HS-ESS3-5, HS-ESS3-1, HS-LS2-7, HS-LS2-6
Duration: 180 minutes
Fee: Yes
Location options: Retzer Nature Center, Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium located at the Retzer Nature Center

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