Waukesha County

Engineering Alternative Energy for a Changing Climate*

2.5 hours
Retzer Nature Center and Planetarium fees apply

For current program rates, see the Waukesha County Environmental Education School Guide

Students will rotate through three stations where they will develop a deeper understanding of alternative energy applications. Stations include a tour of  Retzer’s geothermal heating and cooling system, a look at the Eco-house’s solar panel to learn how sunlight is captured to create energy and the planetarium show, Dynamic Earth, that explores the inner workings of Earth’s climate system. 

Collaborative Curriculum: Can alternative energy replace the use of fossil fuels?

*This is a Community Connections, Impacts & Actions Collaborative Curriculum program hosted by Waukesha County. 

Standards: HS-ESS2-4, HS-ESS3-1, MS-ESS3-4, HS-ESS3-5
Duration: 150 minutes
Fee: Yes
Offered: School Year
Location options: Retzer Nature Center, Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium located at the Retzer Nature Center

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