Waukesha County

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Recycling Your Actions Matter*

Learn how your actions matter by exploring the 3 Rs, what to recycle, where recyclables go, and what recyclables become. Students will learn what it means to close the recycling loop during our interactive exhibit tour! In the exhibit space, students will visit the eco-house, load recyclables into the truck, operate the mini-recycling facility, deliver recyclables to remanufacturers, and discover how they become new products ready for store shelves. 

*This is a Community Connections, Impacts & Actions Collaborative Curriculum program hosted by Waukesha County

Standards: K-ESS3-1, KESS3-3, B.4.8, B.4.10, B.4.11, B.4.12, E.4.1, E.4.2
Duration: minutes
Fee: Yes
Offered: School Year
Location options: Retzer Nature Center

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