Waukesha County

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Did an Asteroid really Kill the Dinosaurs?

See dinosaurs and asteroids like never before! Did a space rock six miles wide slam into the Earth 66 million years ago and wipe out 75 percent of all species alive, including the dinosaurs? Explore impacts and cosmic collisions across the Solar System in this dynamic show.

Recommended for grades 3 and up

Standards: PS2.A, PS1.B, PS2.B, PS3.A, PS3.B, PS3.C, ESS1.B, ESS.1C, ESS.2.A, ESS3.B, LS1.C, LS2.A, LS2.C, LS4.A, ETS.1
Duration: 60 minutes
Fee: Yes
Offered: School Year
Location options: Horwitz-DeRemer Planetarium located at the Retzer Nature Center

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