Waukesha County



A County that Provides Customers with Quality Programs and Services

A county that funds programs that have successfully demonstrated our desired outcomes. A county that provides customers with quality programs and services does so in an efficient and innovative manner with a low tax impact.

The mission of Waukesha County government is to promote the health, safety and quality of life of citizens while fostering an economically vibrant community. We are committed to delivering effective, high quality programs and services in a courteous and fiscally prudent manner.

Leading the way with quality and value.

Corporation Counsel –  Develop a system for uniform filing protocol and retention policy to reduce multiple paper copies of the same document and will allow for a transition toward paperless files where feasible, thereby conserving natural resources.

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Parks and Land Use – Protect the natural environment through land use planning and regulation.

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Public Works – Implement environmentally sustainable policies and procedures that are fiscally responsible and improve quality of life.

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