Waukesha County

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County-wide Key Strategic Objectives

Strategic outcomes provide departments with a framework for identifying core priorities and establishing program goals. We examined these critical outcomes with stakeholders and developed the definitions below:

A Safe County
A county in which citizens and their family members can live, work, play and travel safely. A safe county takes extra precautions to care for children and vulnerable citizens, and protects the water we drink and the food that we eat.

An Economically Vibrant County
A county that regulates without erroneous restrictions on businesses and assists the private sector in cultivating a quality of life that is appealing to businesses considering locating in the County. An economically vibrant county has low taxes and an infrastructure in place to accommodate growth.

An Environmentally Responsible County
A county that protects the health of its citizens and natural resources of the county and promotes conservation and recycling.

A Well-Planned County
A county with a growth plan that effectively manages the impacts of development and coordinates new construction with public infrastructure. A well-planned county protects the natural resources of the county.

A County that Assists At-Risk Citizens
A county that provides basic services to citizen that cannot care for themselves and/or are at risk living in the community. A county that assists at-risk citizens regulates businesses that care for vulnerable populations.

A County that Provides Customers with Quality Programs and Services
A county that funds programs that have successfully demonstrated our desired outcomes. A county that provides customers with quality programs and services does so in an efficient and innovative manner with a low tax impact.

Cost Effective Services Delivered with Competence and Skill
A county that has a well-trained and professional staff that understand they are hired to serve the public.