Waukesha County



An Economically Vibrant County

A county that regulates without erroneous restrictions on businesses and assists the private sector in cultivating a quality of life that is appealing to businesses considering locating in the County. An economically vibrant county has low taxes and an infrastructure in place to accommodate growth.

The mission of Waukesha County government is to promote the health, safety and quality of life of citizens while fostering an economically vibrant community. We are committed to delivering effective, high quality programs and services in a courteous and fiscally prudent manner.

Leading the way with quality and value.

County Board and County Executive (shared objective) - Maintain exemplary financial and operational practices to help lower borrowing costs and tax rate.

CB and CoExec Details

Parks and Land Use - Create an environment that promotes County-wide economic development  through most efficient leveraging of County fiscal resources.

UW-Extension - Provide training and resources for direct marketers to increase opportunities and sustainability of agricultural producers and small businesses selling at farmers’ markets. 

UWEX Details

UW-Extension - Conduct workshop for municipal plan commissioners to increase knowledge and skills for effective implementation of comprehensive plans and in concert with applicable zoning codes and land division ordinances.