Waukesha County

Due to COVID-19, Waukesha County's in-person services may be limited or altered. Click here for hours and updates

Waukesha County Municipal Clerks

MUNICIPALITIES CLERK - Click on name for email link TELEPHONE#
Town of Brookfield  Veronica LaGuardia  262-796-3788
Town of Delafield  Dan Green  262-646-2398
Town of Eagle  Lynn Pepper  262-594-5800
Town of Genesee  Meri Majeskie  262-968-3656
Town of Lisbon  Elisa Cappozzo  262-246-6100
Town of Merton  Donna Hann  262-966-2651
Town of Mukwonago  Kathy Karalewitz  262-363-4555
Town of Oconomowoc  Lori Opitz  920-474-4449
Town of Ottawa  Melissa Klein  262-965-3228
Village of Vernon  Karen Schuh    262-662-2039
Village of Waukesha Brandon Bledsoe  262-542-5030
Village of Big Bend  Kelli Koellner  262-662-2747
Village of Butler  Kayla Thorpe  262-783-2525
Village of Chenequa  Pamela Little  262-367-2239
Village of Dousman  Penny Nissen  262-965-3792
Village of Eagle  Kelly Jones  262-594-3400
Village of Elm Grove  Michelle Luedtke  262-780-6640
Village of Hartland  Darlene Igl  262-367-2714
Village of Lac La Belle  Lori Schiek  262-569-6190
Village of Lannon  Brenda Klemmer   262-251-7690
Village of Men. Falls  Janice Moyer   262-532-4200
Village of Merton  Julie Ofori-Mattmuller  262-538-0820
Village of Mukwonago  Diana Dykstra  262-363-6420
Village of Nashotah  Cynthia Pfeifer  262-367-8440
Village of North Prairie  Rhoda Bagley  262-392-2271
Village of Ocon. Lake Teri Sayles  262-567-5301
Village of Pewaukee Casandra Smith  262-691-5660
Village of Summit   Debra Michael  262-567-2757
Village of Sussex  Sam Liebert  262-246-5211
Village of Wales  Gail Tamez  262-968-3968
City of Brookfield  Kelly Michaels  262-782-9650
City of Delafield Steve Braatz  262-646-6220
City of Muskego Sharon Mueller  262-679-4100
City of New Berlin Georgia Stanford  262-797-2446
City of Oconomowoc  Diane Coenen  262-569-2175
City of Pewaukee  Kelly Tarczewski  262-691-0770
City of Waukesha  Gina Kozlik  262-524-3500