Waukesha County

Training and Development

Waukesha County is committed to enhancing employee learning and skill development to the extent possible within local government resources. The following list describes the programs that are presented on-site for employees:

General Employee
Training programs include such topics as Customer Service, Stress Management, Business Grammar and Writing, Teamwork, Group Problem Solving, Dealing with Difficult People, Project Management, Interpersonal Communication Skills, and The Financial Planning Series.

Professional Development
Training programs include such topics as Business Grammar and Writing, Project Management, Working Effectively with Your Boss, Public Speaking Skills, Leading a Team, Group Decision Making, Problem Solving, Re-engineering and Systems Improvement, Self-assertive Skills for the Professional, Conflict Resolution Skills, How to Run an Effective Meeting, and Leadership Skills.

Management Skills Development
Training programs include such topics as Outstanding Leadership Skills, Coaching for Improved Performance, Discipline Without Punishment, Effective Hiring Practices, Dealing with Employee Complaints and Grievances, Time Management, Delegation Skills, Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement, Effective Employee Evaluations, Enhancing Teamwork, Dealing With the Difficult Employee, and 360* Feedback Programs.

Technology and Office Skills
Training includes a variety of ways that employees can obtain skills on the different Microsoft Programs that are standard for the County. First, consultant trainers from the local Junior College, WCTC, present on-site training in the Employee Computer Training Center. Second, employees can access the Training Center in order to use a variety of computer skill tutorials and hands-on learning programs. Last, employees can sign out various computer skills training videos and self-study workbooks.

Training Library and Other Educational Resources
The Training Library contains over 100 titles, covering topics in Leadership, Communication, Professional Development, Supervision, Personal Development, and Employee Wellness. The UW-Extension office also offers a variety of educational pamphlets, booklets and community resources that employees can access.

Waukesha County Tuition Assistance Program
The Tuition Assistance Program is designed to provide some financial assistance to employees voluntarily attending job-related, educational courses that are of direct benefit to the County as an employer, and courses within an Associate Degree or Bachelors Degree relevant to County employment. Costs covered under this program include tuition, books, materials, and lab fees. The County will pay 75% of educational costs up to $400 per semester with a maximum reimbursement of $800 per calendar year.

Individual Seminars and Job-Specific Training
Seminars and job-specific training are available within department budgets, and dispersed according to department policy and needs.