Waukesha County


Q - Who can volunteer?

A – Waukesha County volunteers come from diverse backgrounds. They span all age groups and include business professionals, parents, community members, military personnel, college students, and retirees.


Q – Are there age requirements for volunteers?

A – Many volunteer opportunities are for ages 18 and older, however there are other opportunities for ages 14 and older or as young as 12 if volunteering with an adult in our Parks. Group service projects in the parks led by adult leaders can have volunteers as young as kindergarten (i.e. Scouts and church groups). 


Q - What do volunteers do?

A – Volunteers assist in a variety of roles which help support Waukesha County programs, events, and community members. Some examples are: meal preparation, driving, guardianship, youth mentoring, office administration, substance abuse group facilitation, teaching wellness and environmental education programs, childcare, emergency preparedness, special events assistance, basic natural land management, and / or park maintenance and more! 


Q – Is there a minimum time commitment to volunteer?

A - This is really up to you. Each of our volunteer opportunities have different requirements. You can volunteer for as little as a few hours at an annual event in the Parks or volunteer daily, weekly or monthly. Deciding how much time you are prepared to commit to volunteering will help determine where you volunteer.


Q - I'm working full-time, will I still be able to volunteer?

A – Absolutely! We have opportunities available to meet most schedules, including days, evening, and weekends.


Q – Are there locations around Waukesha County that I can volunteer other than at the Waukesha County Government Campus?  

A - Yes, there are various opportunities at several locations all over Waukesha County.


Q - Can I volunteer with my family and friends?

A - Yes, you can! The most common type of group volunteering is at the parks (spreading woodchips on nature trails, painting picnic tables or sign posts, removing invasive weeds and plants, woody brush control, litter pick up, and trail maintenance). All individuals that participate must be registered as volunteers with the County.  Please see our list of volunteer opportunities for details on these and additional options.


Q - What if I need court ordered volunteer hours?

A – Some volunteer opportunities, particularly within the Parks Department, are open to those in need of court ordered hours. Volunteer opportunities within some departments require background checks. Read the details of the specific volunteer opportunity for more information.


Q - Will I be interviewed? What will they ask me?

A – Some volunteer opportunities do require a formal interview, but many only include an informal chat.  In either case, this gives you and the organization a chance to assess each other and an opportunity to ask questions.


Q – What type of qualifications are required?

A – Our volunteer opportunities have a wide range of qualifications, depending on which position you volunteer for.  Professional qualifications are typically not required. See the detailed volunteer opportunities for more information.


Q - Will I receive training?

A – Some volunteer opportunities have required trainings, but others do not. See the detailed volunteer opportunities for more information.


Q - Can I leave if I don't like it?

A - Yes, of course. You are under no real obligation to keep volunteering for a role that you are unhappy in, however, it is always worth talking to the volunteer coordinator about this first. You can then discuss with them why you feel unhappy and what you feel would improve your time as volunteer.


Q - How do I start the process of becoming a volunteer?

A - The first step to becoming a volunteer is to select a volunteer opportunity and then look at the details of that opportunity to see the next steps. If you are unsure of your interest area please contact any of our volunteer coordinators for assistance.