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Waukesha County Sheriff's Department Civil Process Service FAQs


How Do I Arrange To Have the Sheriff’s Department Serve Documents on Another Party?

There are two ways to request the Sheriff’s Department to serve the other party:

  1. Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. (Excluding Holidays)
    In Person: Take the documents to be served to the Sheriff’s Department’s Process Division.  Provide the clerk with the address to which you want the documents to be served.  He/she will calculate the amount due and take your payment.
  2. By Mail: Depending on your court date, you may also call for payment information and mail the payment and documents to be served to the Sheriff’s Department.  Be sure to also include your name, telephone number, address, and the address at which you want the papers served.


How Much Does It Cost To Have Documents Served By The Sheriff’s Department?

The Sheriff’s Department charges $60.00 for three (3) service attempts upon individuals within Waukesha County and $30.00 for each additional named party at the same address.  Please note, pre-payment is required.

The fee may be waived if the court grants a Waiver of Filing and Service Fees and a copy of the signed Waiver is provided to the Sheriff’s Department.


In What Form Does The Sheriff’s Department Accept Payment?

The Sheriff’s Department accepts cash, check, or money orders. Sorry, the department does not accept credit or debit cards.


What Do I Need To Prepare To Have Documents Served By the Sheriff’s Department?

Please provide the following information:

  • Two copies of the documents to be served: one set of documents to serve on the individual and one copy for the Sheriff’s Department to return to the court.  If two or more businesses/individuals require service, the Sheriff's Department must be provided with papers for all parties you with to serve.  Please make sure the papers are legible.
  • Last known address of the party you wish to serve (also include a work address if possible).  Let the Sheriff's Department know if you are unsure of an address.  If you feel the individual may avoid service, or if you are unsure of the address, forms are available in the Sheriff’s Department for you to complete to assist the Sheriff’s Deputy.


What Happens After The Other Party Has Been Served?

If the case was filed in Waukesha County, the Sheriff’s Department will send a copy of the documents, with an attached Affidavit of Service (they provide their own form), to the appropriate Waukesha County Court Office.  If the case was not filed in Waukesha County, the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department will send the documentation, with the Affidavit of Service, to you directly.  You must remember to file these documents in the appropriate Court Office of the County in which the case is filed.  If the Sheriff’s Department in another county served the other party, you must make arrangements to have the forms and proof of service returned to you so that you can file it the appropriate Waukesha County Court Office.


What If The Deputy Cannot Find The Other Party?

The Sheriff’s Department does its best to serve papers in a timely manner; however, some individuals avoid service or cannot be found.  If either of those situations occurs, the Sheriff’s Department will send you an Affidavit of Due Diligence/Not Found, which will state why they were unable to make service.  If the last known address is located in another county, the Sheriff’s Department will provide you with an Affidavit of Due Diligence/Not Found with the correct address listed on it.


Where Is The Sheriff’s Department Process Division Located?

The Sheriff’s Department is located directly behind the courthouse.  From Moreland Blvd., go south on Riverview Ave. and follow the signs to the Justice Center.  To get to the Process Division, enter the building through door number 8, and go to the middle window marked Civil Process/ Warrants.


Will the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department Serve an Individual Who Does Not Live In Waukesha County?


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