Waukesha County


The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department consisted of merely the sheriff and a handful of deputies when it was formed more than 150 years ago, serving approximately 1,000 residents. Today the department is comprised of more than 330 sworn and non-sworn personnel and provides direct police services to nearly 400,000 residents.

The Waukesha County Sheriff's Department is the largest law enforcement agency in Waukesha County, and the third largest Sheriff's Department in the State of Wisconsin. It was also the first Sheriff's Department in the State of Wisconsin to be accredited by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group.

With strong bonds to the community it serves, the highly trained members of the Waukesha Sheriff's Department pride themselves on honesty, integrity and diversity. This department is the backbone of the Waukesha County law enforcement community and is responsible for responding to more than a half million requests for service every year.


A career in law enforcement is be both exciting and rewarding. A factor which makes the Waukesha Sheriff's Department standout from other police agencies is the availability of advancement through rank and participation in many specialized units. Aside from the Patrol, Investigation and Court Services Divisions, here is just a short list of the other specialized units our agency maintains and functions we perform to better serve the citizens of Waukesha County:
  • Tactical Enforcement Unit (TEU)
  • Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Unit
  • Canine Unit
  • Search and Rescue Dive Unit
  • Homicide and Sexual Crimes Investigation
  • Boat, Snowmobile and Motorcycle Units
  • Honor Guard
  • Evidence and Crime Scene Processing
  • Accident Reconstruction Team
  • Crisis and Hostage Negotiators
  • Courts Division
  • Drug Recognition Experts
  • Participation in the Joint Terrorism Task Force, US Marshall's Fugitive Task Force and DEA Task Force
  • School Resource Officers
  • Dignitary Visitation Details

Do you have what it takes?

  • A U.S. citizen who is 18 years of age, with at least 60 college credits
  • Eligibility for Wisconsin law Enforcement Standards Board Certification
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • The ability to work evenings, weekends and holidays, in a wide variety of environments.
  • The ability to react quickly and effectively to stressful situations
  • Be responsible and able to exercise sound judgment.
  • Be in good physical condition - Click here for Fitness For Duty Standard and Test
  • No felony convictions
  • A good driving record


Annually, qualified applicants are given the opportunity to apply to be a member of the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department. These applicants must successfully complete the extensive screening process which includes:

  • Written civil-service exam
  • Physical-agility assessment
  • Oral interview
  • Polygraph
  • Medical examination
  • Psychological examination
  • Drug screening test


  • The starting wage of a Deputy Sheriff recruit (as of 2017) is $22.91 - $32.31 per hour. These figures do not include overtime or educational incentives.
  • Educational incentive pays approximately $37.00 month for an Associate degree or 60 credits towards a Bachelor's Degree. A Bachelor's degree pays approximately $129 monthly.
  • The County pays 90% towards health and dental insurance, with the employee paying 10%.
  • County paid life insurance
  • Sick leave is earned at one day per month, up to 120 days maximum
  • Vacation leave is as follows:
  • 10 days after one year employment
  • 15 days after seven years of employment
  • 20 days after 14 years of employment
  • 25 days after 23 years of employment
  • Eleven paid holidays per year
  • Initial uniform allowance and $500 yearly uniform allowance
  • County paid participation in the Wisconsin Retirement Fund


Contact us for information on position availability and hiring procedures. Either go to the Human Resources web page or contact us at the following:

Waukesha County Human Resources
515 W. Moreland Blvd, Room A160
Waukesha, WI 53188-2428 (262) 548-7044


Not only is the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department a great agency to work for, Waukesha is a great area to live and raise a family. Situated in beautiful southeast Wisconsin, Waukesha County offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a new place to live, a new job, or great recreation, Waukesha County is the place for you. A drive through Waukesha County uncovers evidence of the great glaciers that once covered the area. Lush rolling hills, abundant lakes and limestone quarries are just some of the natural wonders. Many of Waukesha County's parks feature the lakes and hills created by the glacier.

Waukesha County was home to prehistoric Indians, including the Effigy Mound Builders and Potawatomi people, and was prized by fur traders in the 1700's. When settlers from the east arrived in the mid-1800's, they found four to six foot earthen mounds in the shape of birds and turtles, along with conical and linear mounds. Three conical mounds are visible today in front of the City of Waukesha Library. Increase Lapham, considered founder of the U.S. Weather Bureau, surveyed the mounds. The highest point in Waukesha County is named for him.

As far back as the 1700's, the native people told fur traders about the area's mineral springs. In 1868 Col. Richard Dunbar promoted what he believed were healing properties of Waukesha's water, which launched Waukesha County's “Springs Era”. Through 1910, people traveled cross-country to drink the water. Accounts tell us that up to 25 passenger trains arrived daily. Elaborate “springhouses” were built above the natural springs. Today's visitors can see the last of the original springhouses on the Moor Downs Golf Course, Frame Park and Springs Park.

In the late 1800's, many cities experienced devastating fires that destroyed early wood frame buildings. Waukesha County's quarries provided the stone for rebuilding, and railroads transported the stone to Chicago and other cities with fire damage.

Some of the famous people that called Waukesha County home include Les Paul, the inventor of the electric guitar, and 1930's Broadway stars Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne

Waukesha County is conveniently located 15 miles west of the city of Milwaukee, 60 miles east of the city of Madison, and 100 miles south of Green Bay. Its location and proximity to I-94 and I-43 provide quick access to the outlying areas, business and retail opportunities, and numerous recreational opportunities.

The 2010 US Census identified 389,938 residents in Waukesha County. One of Wisconsin's fastest growing counties, the population of Waukesha County increased by 56,052 during the 1990's.

Waukesha County experiences a broad range of highs and lows in temperature and precipitation during the course of a year. Average daily high temperature range from a low of 24.3 degrees in January to a high of 82.6 degrees in July. The yearly average for precipitation is 30.9 inches. Average snowfall is 38.1 inches.

Recreation opportunities abound in Waukesha County including:

  • 77 lakes offering fishing, swimming, and boating
  • 21,000 acres of public parks (state, county, and municipal)
  • 129 miles of hiking and biking trails over 70 miles of cross country ski trails nearly 200 miles of snowmobile trails.
  • 10 campgrounds
  • 20 challenging public golf courses

There are more than 12,000 employers in Waukesha County employing more than 218,000 workers. Manufacturing (26%), services (25%), and retail trade (16%) represents the largest employment sectors in Waukesha County. Economic growth and associated employment opportunities continue to be strong. To be sure, Waukesha County consistently registers one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state.