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    The Waukesha County Airport/Crites Field Classifieds is a free service available for airport tenants to announce the availability of aircraft, parts and accessories, and other aviation-related merchandise for sale.

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    1968 Beech Sport 19A- $31,500 OBO

    N5088T. 1690TTAF. 130SMOH (Poplar Grove). 160 HP STC installed at overhaul. Great looking airplane, excellent maintenance at PlaneSafe, always ready to fly. Two doors, four place, VFR, Tanis heater, Clevelands, LED landing light, new ship battery 2013, new ELT battery 2015, lengthy  list of updates. Includes ICOM handheld and Garmin 296. Pain 9/10, interior 9/10. NDH. 60 gallons, 829# useful. Complete logs, annual done 4/15. Hangared at UES. Contact Larry Hellmuth 262-650-0399, Email- lndh@earthlink.net

    Jabiru J250-SP - Estate Sale

    Bill King- N592J

    The Jabiru J250 is a two-seat, composite light sport aircraft that is built on Jabiru's four-seat airframe resulting in one of the largest cabins in its class. Factory produced with the Jabiru 3300 six cylinder engine, dual glass panels, autopilot and registered as a light sport aircraft makes N592J and excellent buy.

    Performance Data- Never exceed speed: 138 kn, Max speed: 138 kn, Cruise speed: 120 kn, Stall speed: 45 kn, Range: 920 mi, Service ceiling: 15,000 ft, Rate of climb: 1,000 ft/min, Wing loading: 11.0 lbf/(sq ft)

    Avionics- Garmin SL-40, Garmin GTX 327, Grand Rapids Tech dual sport EFIS with GPS, DIGI Flight II auto pilot, PM 1000 intercom, EIS6000 engine monitoring system, LED XPAK Lighting system, landing light, leather interior, upgraded factory paint.

    Inspection status: No damage history, all log books complete, annual inspection current. Contact Bill King- Advise Air- 262-278-0248, bking@adviseaire.com

    Tecnam P2002 Sierra - Estate Sale

    Bill King- N89PG

    Two seat, low wing, light aircraft built by Tecnam, constructed from aluminum and powered by a single 100 hp Rotax 912 S2 engine. Tecnam is an Italian aeronautics manufacturer, founded in 1986, with production facilities in Sebring, FL. 

    General Specs- Capacity: 1 pilot and 1 passenger, Length: 21 ft 7 in, Wingspan: 29 ft 6 in, Height: 7 ft 6 in, Wing area: 124 sqft, Empty weight: 730 lb, Max takeoff weight: 1,320 lb, Powerplant: 1 x Rotax 912 S2, 100 hp at 5,800 rpm

    Performance Data- Never exceed speed: 157 kn, Cruise speed: 122 kn, Fuel consumption: 5 US gal/hr of mogas

    Avionics- Garmin GMC 305 autopilot, Garmin GMA 340, Garmin 430, Dynon Avionics EFIS-D10A, Garmin 696 panel mount, Garmin 430W, Garmin G3X, Garmin GTX 327, Autoprop 2002

    Contact Bill King- AdviseAire, 262-278-0248, bking@adviseaire.com

    Hangar Space

    Calling all airplane builders! Currently building a Zenith in a heated hangar (2329 Aviation Drive) with water, sewer, air compressor and office area. I am looking for other builders to share space, tools, hands and ideas. Price is based on the square footage you need ($.60/sq ft per month). Contact Carl Gollnick, cgollnick@aol.com or 262-391-4168.

    Hangar space with bathroom for rent - Southeast area at 520 Northview.
    Single engine storage: unheated @ $225/month or heated (maintained at 35 degrees or above) @ $250/month.
    Twin engine storage: potential in both spaces, rates negotiated. Contact Jeff Powers, jpowers18@wi.rr.com or 262-691-0242.

    Heated Hangar for Sale or Rent. Includes bathroom, hot water, painted floor and ceiling fans. Located next to Quad Graphics. $100,000 purchase price. $450/mo plus utilities. Contact Erik Mullett at 262-337-2929 or erikmullett@gmail.com.

    Hangar for Sale
    Watt 1

    Watt 3

    Large, no-frills, airplane hangar for sale by owner. This unit provides great aircraft storage at a good price because you are not paying extra for office space and other unneeded appointments. One unit of a four unit hangar condo building. No monthly condo fees. Decorative concrete block walls and metal roof. Only recurring costs are annual land lease from Waukesha County ($844.22/year), personal property tax from the City of Waukesha ($1326.21/year), and hangar insurance ($350.00/year).

    Total monthly expenses are $210.00 plus electricity and gas at a base of about $30.00. So for less than $250.00/month you can store 3 to 4 airplanes plus have room for a workshop area. This unit is 40' x 60' with as full width 12' clearance door. Man-door built into main overhead door for easy access. There are built in cabinets and a work area along the back wall along with an adjacent work table. The unit has a natural gas, infra-red, heating system in place if you need to work on airplane, or whatever, in winter.

    I have owned this hangar since 2001 and am selling only because I have lost my medical and sold my airplane. Contact Alan Watt, pilotalso@gmail.com.

    Hangar for Sale - Estate Sale

    Bill King Hangar

    Don't miss this very nicely appointed hangar at a great airport. Located at Waukesha County Airport (KUES), this 3,600 square foot unit was built in 2007, boasts 432 square feet of finished office space and great neighbors. 

    Amenities include an auto-latching liftmaster door with remote control, hydronic in-floor heating, polished floors throughout, overhead drive in door, two service entrances, office area, mini fridge, half bath and utility sink. Don't wait, call for pricing or to schedule a showing today. Contact Bill King, AdviseAire, 262-278-0248, bking@adviseaire.com

    Parts & Accessories

    2015 Stratus Receiver
    2015 Stratus Second Generation ADS-B Receiver displays traffic, weather and AHRS on ForeFlight. Includes glare shield, mount and carrying bag. Contact John at 414-640-3634 or via email.

    Other Aviation Merchandise

    Cottrell Aviation LLC. Your source for desktop models! General aviation, commercial, military, or custom models. We offer the best prices and the best selection with 250+ models on display. Located on the field at UES, see our website for more information

    Cottrell Model PT26