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State System Upgrade Will Impact Waukesha County COVID-19 Dashboard

Waukesha County has been notified by the Department of Health Services that the Wisconsin Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WEDSS) will be off-line for a system upgrade this evening through October 18. WEDSS is the state’s system designed to facilitate reporting, investigation, and surveillance of communicable diseases such as COVID-19.
The unavailability of the state’s system will impact Waukesha County’s timely work in disease investigation and data reporting, as well as some numbers and data on the Waukesha County COVID-19 Dashboard.
Waukesha County Public Health will be unable to conduct contact tracing for the duration of the WEDSS upgrade because it will cease local notification of lab results, as well as access to communicable disease records. Local contact tracing efforts will resume as soon as the state upgrade is complete and access to this information is restored. This is anticipated to occur the morning of Monday, October 19. In order to ease the transition and ensure timely contact tracing, staffing levels will be increased before and after the system upgrade to account for any downtime and to prepare for an influx of data after the weekend.
While the system upgrade is taking place, data on our COVID-19 dashboard may also appear artificially low or skewed. The 7-day rolling averages and trends will be a better indication of the COVID activity during this time. It is anticipated that the visualizations and data presented at www.waukeshacounty.gov should begin to stabilize by Tuesday, October 20.
The system upgrade will not impact the ability of healthcare providers to access lab results or to report those results to their patients. It will also not impact those electronically reporting symptom monitoring data to public health.
The WEDSS updates are scheduled to go live Monday, October 19. Any further delays will be communicated on the Waukesha County COVID-19 Dashboard located at www.waukeshacounty.gov/COVID19. The WEDSS update, when complete, will include several enhancements including improved contact tracing functionality, some limited automated data entry, and enhanced security features.