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Waukesha County 911 Dispatchers Featured in New TV Series

Waukesha County Communications hometown heroes will be featured in the new ABC unscripted series “Emergency Call.” The new 10-episode series, hosted by actor Luke Wilson, will document the first few crucial minutes of emergencies told through the lens of America’s heroic 911 call takers. The series premieres Monday, September 28 at 9 pm on ABC. You can view the “Emergency Call” trailer here.


“Taking the time to honor and highlight the difficult work of our 911 professionals pays tribute to our true first responders,” said Gary Bell, Director of Emergency Preparedness. “Our 911 dispatchers hold the line taking life-saving action before medical personnel, fire services, or law enforcement are able to arrive at the scene of emergency. They must be at their best, when society is experiencing its worst.”


8HOURS TELEVISION, an LA-based TV production company, reached out to the Waukesha County Communications center in March in order to feature local 9-1-1- dispatchers in the series, which will also highlight the work of other 9-1-1 call centers from across the country.


Hosted by Luke Wilson, “Emergency Call” follows the dramatic moments leading up to the arrival of help rather than the events after emergency responders arrive, and focuses on the extreme, suspenseful and sometimes humorous stories that flood 911 call centers.


Adeline Ramage Rooney, Co-Founder of 8HOURS TV said, “We were attracted to Waukesha for the reason so many residents enjoy living here. With its spa-town origins, good schools and the fact that lots of families and young choose to live here, we felt it was an excellent example of a classically aspirational mid-western US suburb with residents whose 911 calls would be super-relatable for a broad network audience."


About the Waukesha County Communications Center

The Waukesha County Communications Center (WCC) is the largest Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) in Waukesha County. WCC answers all wireless 911 voice and Text calls for the County, most non-emergency calls, and dispatch services for 31 of Waukesha County’s 37 municipalities.


More information about WCC is available at www.waukeshacounty.gov/WCC. Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/WaukCO911 or Twitter at twitter.com/WaukCo911.


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