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Waukesha County Celebrates Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week with Smart Salting and Free Seminars

Waukesha County invites businesses and residents to learn about the impacts of salt pollution during “Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week” from January 24-28. A series of expert-led talks from the Wisconsin Salt Wise Partnership will be livestreamed on YouTube during the week, and the Waukesha County Public Works’ Division of Highway Operations will continue their smart salting practices throughout the winter weather season.

“Salt can be an effective de-icer, but more isn’t always better,” said Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow. “We’re committed to improving our winter maintenance programs to help reduce the salting of our lakes, streams, and drinking water while still providing safe driving conditions. Residents can also help by learning what the right amount of salt is for their properties.”

Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week will feature five topics about the impacts of salt with daily livestreams from 12:30-1:00 p.m. Residents, businesses and community leaders can all learn how road salt affects our drinking water, pets, freshwater ecosystems, and more.

  • Monday, January 24: The Environmental Toll of Salt and De-Icers
  • Tuesday, January 25: We're Salting our Drinking Water
  • Wednesday, January 26: Water Softener Salt goes Where?
  • Thursday, January 27: Let's Teach about Salt
  • Friday, January 28: Be Salt Wise and Pet Smart

View the series on the Wisconsin Salt Wise YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UChExOSekqfegfFicF7l6RXg

Waukesha County Public Works’ Division of Highway Operations utilizes a variety of practices to avoid overuse, slow down premature aging of the roads, and save taxpayer money. The team ensures the proper calibrations of salters and pre-wet systems, applies anti-icing with liquid salt brine pre- and post-storm to reduce use of salt, and provides additional operator trainings on proper salt use based on storm situations.

Learn more about WI Salt Wise and Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week at www.wisaltwise.com.


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