Waukesha County

Jury Service Scam Alert

There have been several reports of a jury service scam in Waukesha County.
Scammers are calling residents and pretending to be from Waukesha courts.  In some cases, they are "spoofing" the court or law enforcement telephone number so it looks like you are receiving a call from the court or from a law enforcement agency.
In these calls, the scammer says you must pay a fine for missing jury service.  The scammer might ask for your credit card number or suggest some other way to pay the fine and avoid jail time.
Although jury service is an important civic responsibility, Waukesha courts/law enforcement will never call you and demand that you pay a fine for missing jury service.
If you receive a call asking you to pay a fine for missing jury service:
  • Do not give out your credit card number or make any payment!
  • Do not share any personal financial information, such as your social security number.
  • Report the call to your local law enforcement agency.
  • Contact the Waukesha County Clerk of Courts office if you have any questions.