Waukesha County

September is Juror Appreciation Month!

The month of September has been designated by the Wisconsin Court System as a time to recognize the importance of jurors to the American justice system. Co-sponsored by the Wisconsin Court System and the State Bar of Wisconsin, the judges, clerks and attorneys who work in the system year-round have created this opportunity to acknowledge the participation of the almost 200,000 individuals who are summoned to serve in Wisconsin each year - people who have set aside their work and personal lives to ensure that this cornerstone of American justice perseveres. Whether a juror serves in September or on another date, this is the legal system's chance to call attention to every prospective and sworn jurors contribution and to say "thank you!"

To show our appreciation, a banner will be displayed in the lobby of the courthouse and court staff will wear "We Appreciate Jurors" pins throughout the month. Jurors who appear for service will be given a token of appreciation, and be allowed to choose from beverage koozies, magnetic chip clips, or a small flashlight. Each item features the image of Wisconsin's Lady Justice and the slogan: "Jurors Serve Justice; Justice Serves Us All."

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