Waukesha County

2022 Judicial Rotation & Caseload Assignments

Judicial rotation will occur January 3, 2022. The changes are as follows:

Circuit Court Judge Current Division New Division Courtroom
Michael J. Aprahamian Family Civil  C278
Michael O. Bohren Civil Criminal/Traffic SC-G020
Paul Bugenhagen Jr.  Criminal/Traffic Criminal/Traffic  SC-3129 
Jennifer R. Dorow Criminal/Traffic Criminal/Traffic SC-1016
Laura F. Lau  Criminal/Traffic  Criminal/Traffic  SC-2095 
Michael P. Maxwell  Family  Civil  C267
J. Arthur Melvin III  Criminal/Traffic  Criminal/Traffic  SC-3122 
Ralph M. Ramirez Civil  Family  C162
Brad D. Schimel Criminal/Traffic Criminal/Traffic SC-2088

The Secure Courts Addition rotation order can be found here.

The Reassigning Caseload and Courtroom Assignmnets order can be found here.

The Reassigning Caseload and Courtroom Assignments order number 2 can be found here.

Other Changes

All Treatment Court cases will be held in courtroom SC-G013 in the secure courthouse addition.

When sending mail to those judges who are rotating in January, please note on the front of the envelope, the division for which the mail is intended.

Please take special note that the current phone numbers for the Deputy Clerks and Calendar Clerks for the above judiciary will remain the same, despite the fact that they are rotating to a new Circuit Court Division.