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Waukesha County 2023-2027 Capital Projects Plan Invests in Safe Roads, Parks and Facilities

On Thursday, September 1, 2022, County Executive Paul Farrow submitted Waukesha County’s 2023 – 2027 Capital Projects Plan to the County Board of Supervisors. The Board is anticipated to vote on it during their Tuesday, October 25th board meeting. 

The Capital Projects Plan includes funding for all major projects to be proposed in County budgets over the next five years. It focuses on essential infrastructure projects that support safety and economic development in the community. Residents will notice qualify-of-life improvements to vital transportation corridors, County parks, and safer, more accessible courthouse and County facilities. 

“Waukesha County is using conservative budgeting practices so we can continue our investments in vital infrastructure in spite of challenges due to inflation and a tight labor market,” said Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow. “We’re prioritizing what’s most important for the long-term health of the community.”

The Plan funds Phase Two of the Waukesha County Courthouse Project, which addresses security concerns, capacity limitations, outdated mechanical systems, and enhanced public accessibility in the Courthouse building built in 1959.

  • The building will be renovated in a multiple-phase vertical segment approach to provide newly renovated facilities for all divisions.
  • It will improve courtroom and overall building security with an enhanced entryway and three-way separation in all courtrooms.
  • It will enhance business operations by improving layout and public access.
  • The project will replace inefficient systems nearing the end of their useful life with state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical, fire protection, and window systems. New wall, floor, and ceiling finishes will be installed in renovated areas.
  • Refined architectural design estimates have been completed this year, and construction is planned to begin in 2023. Project completion is in 2026.

The Plan will also remodel the Mental Health Center to better align with trends in care. This project frees up underutilized space to bring all 24/7 mental health clinical teams under one roof to allow for more synergies and cross-coverage care with inpatient services. This project also allows for the development of a new Crisis Stabilization Unit to help transition patients from inpatient to more appropriate levels of care.

The Plan maintains the County Trunk Highway (CTH) infrastructure to promote public safety, support growing businesses and enhance economic development efforts. Many of these projects support economic development by improving Moorland Road (CTH O), a priority corridor that is key to important existing and future commercial and residential development. The County’s Repaving Program will also support improvements to the transportation network.  

The Plan supports several projects that enhance amenities at Waukesha County Parks.

Plans to construct an underpass for Lake Country Trail bicyclists and trail users at State Highway 67 was initially planned for 2025, but was accelerated to begin in 2023. Waukesha County worked with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to secure funding that would allow for an expedited timeline. This $2.9 million project is largely funded through federal, state, and local partnership funding from the City of Oconomowoc.

The Golf Course Infrastructure Plan will continue to address major infrastructure maintenance needs at Naga-Waukee War Memorial Golf Course in Delafield. The golf course irrigation system was upgraded in 2022. Upgrades in the 2023 – 2027 Capital Projects Plan include HVAC replacement, cart path maintenance, a new clubhouse well, clubhouse roof replacement, and renovation of the clubhouse restrooms and patio pavement.

About the Waukesha County Capital Projects Plan

The first year of the 2023 - 2027 Waukesha County Capital Plan will be included as part of the full Waukesha County Budget. Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow will introduce the full 2023 Budget to the County Board in late September, with final passage expected in November. 

You can find the complete Waukesha County Capital Projects Plan at: www.waukeshacounty.gov/capitalplan.



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