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Ice Arena Advertising

Grab the attention of your future customers and support your Waukesha County Ice Arenas: Book your Dasher Board ad today!

• Eble Park Ice Arena in Brookfield
• Naga-Waukee Park Ice Arena in Delafield


FAQ: Dasher Board Ads

What's a Dasher Board advertisement?

Dasher boards are the walls that surround the ice rink. Similar to billboards, dasher boards provide prime locations for advertising around the perimeter of the rink. They are highly visible to both the participants and spectators. Each dasher board ad size is 8 feet by 3 feet. 

Who Sees Them?

More than 250,000 visitors (skaters and spectators) at each rink every year. Both ice arenas provide recreational activities for all ages and competitive levels and host numerous local events that draw people from across the Milwaukee-Metro area and visitors across the state! 

How Will Dasher Board Advertisements Help My Business?

• Create local awareness
• Generate more traffic from visitors
• Increase sales
• Show your support for local youth and adult recreation programs. Both ice arenas in the Waukesha County Park System are "enterprise operations": self-funded, using no taxpayer money, and still providing the lowest skating fees in the Milwaukee-Metro area.

How Much Does it Cost?

Dasher board advertisements are one-year contracts: $600/year for a dasher board advertisement at one rink.

What Technical Stuff Do I Need to Know?

Artwork is due at the time of payment. Once approved by Waukesha County Parks & Land Use, your advertisement will be up within two weeks.

Artwork specs:
• High resolution (300 dpi or greater)
• Format: EPS or PDF
• Additional fees may be assessed if submitted artwork is not printable quality.
• Need graphic design help? Our vendor, the Wrap Shop, may be able to assist you for an additional fee.

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