Waukesha County

Community Development Block Grant Board

The CDBG program is governed by an 11-member Board of Directors, appointed by the Waukesha County Executive. The CDBG Board holds an annual grant application process every spring for potential subgrantees, which include nonprofit organizations and municipalities. CDBG funds are used for a variety of public services programs that address issues such as: homeless prevention and shelter, food and nutrition, medical care, domestic abuse, parenting, mental health, and transportation for low and moderate income people. Funds are also used for affordable housing, public facilities and improvements, and economic development.


Term Length

3 Years

Agendas / Minutes

Upcoming CDBG Meetings & Documents

Members   Term Expiration
Doug Bartmann


Joan Francoeur 5/2024
Christina Italiano 5/2024
Fred Muenkel 5/2025
Larry Nelson 5/2025
Bob Rohde 5/2026
Meg Wartman 5/2025
Joel Gaughan 8/2026
Christopher Lambert 5/2026
Frank Palm 5/2026

*indicates Waukesha County Board Supervisor


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