• Community Health Improvement Plan and Process (CHIPP)

    A Community Health Improvement Plan and Process (CHIPP) is a comprehensive approach to assessing community health and developing and implementing action plans to improve community health. In a CHIPP, "health" is defined broadly and includes physical health, mental health, environmental health and other areas that contribute to overall well-being.

    A CHIPP engages key community members to systematically collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative health-related data from a variety of sources.  The findings then inform community decision-making, the prioritization of health problems, and the development and implementation of action-oriented community health improvement plans. In Wisconsin, the CHIPP process generally spans a five year period to give enough time to observe community health improvements.  Click here to see the 2010-2015 CHIPP report

    The Waukesha County CHIPP Steering Committee, representing key sectors of the community, to include healthcare, government, nonprofits, business, education, faith-based organizations and consumers, provides essential leadership over the course of the five year process.

    CHIPP Vision

    Vision for a healthy Waukesha County is:

    Strong families, connected communities, healthy environments and accessible services that promote overall safety, well-being and quality of life.

    CHIPP Timeline

    • Years 2016-2017: The CHIPP planning phase includes conducting 4 nationally recognized health assessments, and utilizing that data to identify the key health priorities affecting Waukesha County. Partner and community input is solicited on the relative importance of those priorities;
    • Years 2017-2020: The CHIPP implementation phase includes developing action teams for each of the selected health priorities, identifying action-oriented improvement plans, and implementing those plans.

    CHIPP Identified Health Priorities

    A summary of the identified issues, along with some key data on each issue, is attached HERE

    Please provide feedback on the potential health priority issues for Waukesha County’s 2016-2020 CHIPP.