• Contact Numbers:

    Phone: 262-548-7074

    Fax: 262-896-8350

    Office Hours:

    Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    Monday thru Friday

  • The purpose of the Records Management Division is an internal service fund expected to be self-sustaining. The programs within the fund have specific missions:

    • Microfilming / Imaging:
      Is responsible for the microfilming and imaging of all County records, including: file preparation, microfilming /scanning, chemical processing, microfilm / optical disk duplication, inspection quality control, hard copy records destruction, microfilm distribution, invoicing, retention and preservation of the processed microfilm / optical disks, and timely and effective service to the general public and County agencies.

      Phone: (262) 548-7911 or (262)548-7593

    • Records Management:
      Is responsible for researching and analyzing departments' records management needs; conducting research on records retention issues; creation, maintenance, and review of records retention schedules; conducting periodic records audits; and reviewing and overseeing record disposition; maintaining and retrieving records stored at the County Records Center; and maintaining the County's vital records in conjunction with the County's business continuity plan.

      Phone: (262) 548-7911 or (262)548-7593

    • Mail Services:
      Provides prompt sorting and delivery of all incoming and outgoing US Postal Service mail and outgoing UPS packages to County agencies through public-private partnering.

      Phone: (262) 548-7593