Waukesha County

Loss And Remembrance
Local parents bravely share their heartbreaking stories of losing children to fentanyl poisoning, shedding light on the urgent need for awareness, education, and preventive measures in the face of this devastating epidemic.


Road to Recovery
This video captures the inspiring journey of a few Waukesha County residents on the road to recovery as they courageously share their personal stories of overcoming substance use challenges.


Heroes Among Us
Spotlighting the heroic efforts of front-line workers addressing the opioid crisis in Waukesha County, illustrating their passion, courage and commitment.


Waukesha County Battles the Fentanyl Crisis
Discover how Waukesha County government is leading the charge against the fentanyl crisis in our community. Join us in this insightful video as we highlight our collaborative efforts with community partners, our data-driven strategic initiatives, and our commitment to implementing harm reduction and prevention strategies. Together, we're making a difference and saving lives.

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