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The Value of Business Aviation

As the president and CEO of Cimphoni, a rapidly growing IT consulting firm serving Fortune 1000 companies throughout the United States, traveling to meet with clients and members of his team is a constant for Rick Davidson. Like so many of his fellow business travelers, for many years Rick made his way to meetings and presentations via commercial air travel. However, the frustrations that often accompany business travel were magnified for Rick, an experienced recreational and aerobatic pilot who earned his commercial pilot’s license many years ago.

Earlier this year, Rick found the perfect opportunity to put his knowledge, experience and passion for flight to work, with the purchase of a 1980 Beechcraft King Air E90. Since acquiring his aircraft, Rick and members of his team have flown to Phoenix, Fort Wayne, Newport News and Orlando for business. While the majority of his business flights are solo, Rick estimates that colleagues accompany him on approximately one-third of his trips.

“My aircraft has quickly become a great tool for business, allowing me to efficiently travel to several smaller airports across the country without having to fly commercially through hubs,” said Davidson. “I especially enjoy the ability to travel when it is convenient for me, rather than having to plan meetings and events around commercial flight schedules.”

“I also appreciate the streamlined security procedures that come with flying myself for business,” added Davidson. “I don’t experience the delays and slow-downs that inconvenience so many travelers. Additionally, many of my client engagements last for 12-18 months. As I enjoy cycling, I often throw my cycle in the back of the plane and take advantage of cycling on local bike paths at my client’s location.”

While the cost of flying a personally owned aircraft to meet his business needs is more expensive than commercial flight options, Rick firmly believes that the convenience enjoyed by him and his team far outweighs the cost.

If you’re wondering how you can capitalize on the convenience of corporate aviation for your business, we can help you evaluate all options available to you – including learning to fly, purchasing an aircraft and constructing a hangar to meet all of your aviation needs.

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