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The Waukesha County Airport/Crites Field Classifieds is a free service available for airport tenants to announce the availability of aircraft, parts and accessories, and other aviation-related merchandise for sale.

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Join WI Fox River Flyers, Flying Club!

WI Fox River Flyers ClubFox River Flyers PlaneWI Flyers Plane
Wisconsin Fox River Flyers, Inc has open memberships for sale in our equity based flying club. Perks of being a WFRF member/fractional owner are the following: access to all club aircraft provided you meet club operating regulations, equity share value club, excellent hourly rates, cheaper than flight school rentals, pride of ownership, well-equipped and up-to-date aircraft, Cessna C172N, Piper PA28-235, C172 traight tail. Contact the Membership Chairman, Jim Zahorik at 262-490-1412 for a personal showing or for more information

For Sale

Looking for interested party to purchase a 15-25 hour dry lease block in our Citation II jet. Open to block size negotiation. Call John at 319-270-2058 or email Jtriggsoms@gmail.com

1600-1700 per hour based on block size

Expiration Date:

Seeking Investment Partner 

Looking to buy equity in a Piper 180. Contact Kevin at kevinwanecke@gmail.com or call 414-315-3418.

Seeking Investment Partner 

Looking for partnership in owning a Baron 55 or 58.  Contact Scott Blair at scottblair80@gmail.com or call 414-588-3936

Seeking Investment Partner

Looking to partner on a Cessna 172/182 with G1000 avionics or possibly a Cirrus SR20 or 22.  Searching for plane now so willing to 'buy in' to an existing plane. 

Price: Up to $150k for share of plane.  Contact Lloyd Davis at lloyd@davis4.com  or call 262-623-2508



Calling all airplane builders! Currently building a Zenith in a heated hangar (2329 Aviation Drive) with water, sewer, air compressor and office area. I am looking for other builders to share space, tools, hands and ideas. Price is based on the square footage you need ($.60/sq ft per month). Contact Carl Gollnick, cgollnick@aol.com or 262-391-4168.


Aircraft Appraisals-

Peter Schoeninger LLC offers general aviation aircraft appraisials, starting at $350. Visit peterschoeningerllc.wordpress.com for more information.

For Sale 

Garmin GNS 530W unit, slightly used with a complete install kit such as: rack, back plate, connectors and antenna. Asking $6,000 Rich Aguara Bellingham, WA 98225 360-358-7245 fizogroup@gmail.com 

Garmin GTN 750 GPS/NAV/COM with 8130. Unit is in excellent condition and functions flawlessly. Lense and faceplate are free from imperfections. Software has been updated to current revision. Unit was removed for upgrades. Listing includes: - GTN 750 with 8130 - New GA35 GPS WAAS Antenna - New new install kit - New mounting rack - New backplate - Data card - 1 month database & 3 months Garmin pilot Asking $8,000 Rich Aguara Bellingham, WA 98225 360-358-7245 fizogroup@gmail.com

Garmin GTN 650 GPS/NAV/COM with Garmin 8130. Unit is in "Like New" condition and functions flawlessly. It has only 58 hours and 92 power cycles. Lense and faceplate are free from imperfections. Software is current revision. Unit was removed for upgrades. Listing includes: GTN 650, new Install kit, new mounting rack, data card and new backplate. Asking $7,000 Rich Aguara Bellingham, WA 98225 360-358-7245 fizogroup@gmail.com

Garmin SL-30 NAV/COMM This SL30 is a high serial number in pretty beautiful condition. No AD's applies to this high S/N. Comes with Tray, Connectors, Finished RG-400 Antenna Coax Leads about 15" long. I still have the original box. Asking $1,700 Rich Aguara Bellingham, WA 98225 360-358-7245 fizogroup@gmail.com

Nice Garmin GNS 430W, 8130-3, with voltage converter for use in 14 VDC aircraft, PN 011-01060-45. This was recently removed from my Cherokee 235 for a panel upgrade. You will get unit, tray/backplate, 14/28 voltage converter, cards, card reader, manuals, and fresh 8130-3. Asking $5,000 Rich Aguara Bellingham, WA 98225 360-358-7245 fizogroup@gmail.com
Price: 5000

Expiration Date:


GTN 750 navigator offers complete GPS/NAV/COMM/MFD capability in a robust, single solution. It’s approved for installation in hundreds of makes and models of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters — putting high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, georeferenced charting, traffic target surveillance, multiple weather options, taxiway diagrams and a host of other advanced navigation features at your fingertips. Contact Michael Swanson at 208-453-9226 or micswans121@gmail.com


Expiration Date:


Garmin GNS 530W unit, slightly used with a complete install kit such as: rack, back plate, connectors and antenna. Asking $6,000 John Bruce Bellingham, WA 98225 360-358-7245 jbrucs7@gmail.com


Expiration Date:



Garmin GNS 530W unit, slightly used with a complete install kit such as: Rack, Back plate, Connectors and Antenna. Asking $6,000 John Bruce Bellingham, WA 98225 360-358-7245 jbrucs7@gmail.com

Expiration Date:

Garmin GT650 Xi for sale. With more pixels, more processing power, more speed and performance, our GTN 650Xi system brings exciting new growth capabilities to the industry’s premier GPS/Nav/Comm/MFD platform. Contact David Hoffman at 208-329-6572 or airhoffd@gmail.com

Price: $8,000

Expiration Date: 10/9/2022

Garmin GTN 650 Touchscreen GPS/NAV/COM GTN 650 Cleaning cloth SD card with databases Installation kit GA35 WAAS antenna Simulation software DVD Familiarization video DVD Pilot's guide Cockpit reference guide Complimentary database update certificate. Contact Michael Parker at 623-250-0506 or michaelp12arker@gmail.com 


Expiration Date:11/16/2022

Portable Appareo Stratus 2. Works great with Foreflight. https://www.flyingmag.com/avionics-gear/portablehandhelds/flying-reviews-appareo-stratus-2/ - - it's hard to find the spec's for this one online, that article does a pretty good job. ADS-B In Only. I have the original box, gel mount as well as RAM mount with plastic clip, charging cable, and carrying case for the device itself. Contact Peter Ritz 262-337-2227 or pritz@wi.rr.com

Selling this nice GTN750 and GMA35 package. The equipment has only run about 200 hrs. Following equipment is included: -GTN 750 -Mounting Rack -Connectors -Configuration Module -SD database Card -GMA35 -Mounting Rack -Back Plate -Connectors comes with Fresh EASA FORM ONE. Contact Martin Johnson 1-620-7914057 or mjohnsoni12@gmail.com

Garmin GNS 530W +GNS 430W GPS NAV/COM. Both Radio GNS 530W and 430w are working perfectly and are being sold togther. They come with full accessories, e.g the Antenna, connectors, backplate, tray, pilot guide manual, and form 8130, and 5 months warranty.

If interested please email Ryan Valkins or call: 212-676-2281

GTN 750 P/N 011-02282-00 S/N 1ZA016527 INCLUDES: TRAY, BACK PLATE, CONNECTOR KIT, DATA CARD, *NEW* GA-35 WAAS ANTENNA & 8130 Price: $10,500

If interested in purchasing, email Terry Blaisdell or call 202-890-8865

Garmin GNS 530W unit, slightly used with complete install kit such as: Rack, Back plate, Connectors and Antenna. Price: $5,700 

Email: Thomas Edward  or call 360-358-7245

Waukesha airshow posters. All proceeds go to the CAF WI Wing to support their aircraft! 

Price: $10 each, 2 for $15, 3 for $20, 4 for $25 limited supply. Contact Gary Otto 262-8751640.

Garmin GTN 750 system with tray, backplate harness and GA35 WAAS antenna, Removed in working order from an aircraft being parted. Unit A P/N: 011-02282-00 System ID: 3430057368487 Power Input: 14/28 VDC Mods: 1-5 Main S/W Version: 6.51 GPS/WAAS S/W Version: 5.2 Com S/W: 2.30 Nav S/W: 6.03 Data Card: 010-00900-00 Basemap: 18M1 Obstacle/Hotline: 19B7 Safe taxi: 19S7 Terrain: 15T1 Garmin Antenna P/N: 013-00235-00 Model GA 35 S/N: 124952. Price: $8,000.00. Contact Daniel Buffman 520-338-8358.

Aviation Art Classic Fighter Series with Certificate of Authenticity Nicolas Trudgian's hard to find, 1993 limited edition: Fighting 17 - The Jolly Rogers 36" x 24" Print 756/1000 and signed by Trudgian, plus four VF-17 Navy Fighter Pilots Captain Tom Blackburn Squadron Commander Rear Admiral Roger Hedrick Lieutenant Dan Cunningham Lieutenant Tom Killefer Nearly 30 years old and very hard to find in the secondary market. When available, this print usually sells for $600+ Would like to find a good home for this beauty! I have too many prints, so a few have to go! Price: $450 with Documentation. Contact Gary Otto 262-875-1640.


Aviation Art: Rare collectable "Hartmann Tribute" print, hand signed by famous artist, Robert Taylor and Top German Ace, Colonel Erich Hartmann, "The Blond Knight". This is a special tribute to the fighter pilot who flew 1400 combat missions with 352 aerial victories, and most notably, he never lost a wingman. The highest scoring ace in history. This 33" x 25" limited edition 1990 print is #905 of 1250. This may be one of the last prints available anywhere. The print is a superb depiction of Erich Hartmann (1922-1993) in his Me109G4 in the spring of 1943 during the Kuban battle in Southern Russia, with Erich Hartmann and friends making a low pass to celebrate their victory. Painted by the world's most collected painter of aircraft, Robert Taylor. Includes two (2) "Hartmann Tribute" preview booklets. This historical print needs a new and good home! Price: Latest online $1,250, asking for $1,000. Contact Gary Otto   262-875-1640


Looking for larger heated hangar with restroom. Price: Up to $100,000. Please call or text Mark Fischer 262-893-1742.

Looking to purchase a hangar facing a runway. Price: Negotiable. Please contact Mitchell Wild 920-287-8856 with any information and leads.

Looking for bare bones hanger (to buy or rent space from another hanger owner) for a piper pa 38- 112 tomahawk. Price: Negtiable. Please call or text Bill Pulkinen at 262-391-9081.

 Looking for heated hanger minimum 45 ft wide 16 foot tall door for purchase. Price: Negotiable. Please contact John LaBronte 715-205-7719.