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    The Land Records division of the Register of Deeds receives newly recorded documents from the Recording Desk and indexes the information found on them to ensure that they are able to be searched for and found by the public.

     * For General questions, please try the Wisconsin Register of Deeds association at http://wrdaonline.org/

    * For questions or issues regarding Fee-based online document access, please email wclandrecords@waukeshacounty.gov and include "Document Access" in the subject header.

    [Important]: You must save the document you purchased to your computer in order to have it for future use. Do not attempt to print the document before saving it to your computer. Please read our Public Access Guide for help using the public search function.


    All in-office copy purchases must be completed by 4:15 pm. We are not able to sell any document copies after 4:15 pm daily.

  • Document Copies

    We have three options available to obtain land record document copies for properties located in Waukesha County. Before choosing the option that works best for you, please review the following guidelines carefully:

         • You must provide specific recording data necessary to process your request (ie: document number, volume/page, reel/image). Requests for the most recent deed, or all liens on a property constitutes a title search and will not be fulfilled.

         • We DO NOT perform title searches to find the recording data, that is your responsibility.

         • Document requests from our office must be made either in person or via mail request.

    Option One – In Person Option Two – By Mail Option Three – Online
    Request copies in person at the Register of Deeds Land Records Service Desk between 8 am and 4:15 pm Monday – Friday. We are unable to sell any document copies after 4:15pm daily. Please arrive no later than 4 pm. Purchases may be made by Credit/Debit, Cash, or Check. Register of Deeds staff will not perform title searches or Land Records research. Request copies by mail. You must provide the recording information (document number, volume/page, reel/image) along with the proper fee and a self-addressed stamped business size envelope. Please include a current phone number with your request in case we have questions.   Search, view and purchase copies of documents on our Public Access Website. There is no fee to search or view documents. A guide to help you search for documents is located on our website by clicking here. Our online database contains all maps and plats and documents recorded on or after January 1, 1994. You will need to use Internet Explorer to view documents online.

    Plat of Surveys: 
    If you're interested in obtaining a Plat of Survey for your property, please use our Public Access Document Search tool by clicking here, or contact our office by phone. Surveys are not required to be filed so one may or may not be available.

  • Land Record Copy Fee Schedule

    Per Wisconsin State Statute 59.43(2)(b), copies of Land Records documents from this office are:

    $2.00 for the first page of a document
    +$1.00 for each additional page to a document
    +$1.00 to have a document ceritifed by our office

    Noteif purchasing documents online, there is an additional $6.50 search + convenience fee.

  • Online Search Tools

    Public Acccess Document Search [GUIDE]
    This is our online document search tool. Use this to find documents related to land records. If you need help using the site, please click on "GUIDE" next to the link and read the instructions before calling our office for assistance.

    Note: If you require a certified copy of a land record document you must come into our office. We are unable to provide certified copies through our Public Access Document Search application.

    Online Tract Index (1848-1994)
    Use these indexes to find postings for legal descriptions that are metes & bounds. (ie: SW1/4 6-6-20)

    Online Subdivision Index (1848-1994)
    Use these indexes to find pstings for legal descriptions utilizing a Subdivison/Lot/Block. (ie: Lot 1 Block 2 John Doe Subdivision)

    Online Condominium Index (1848-1994)
    Use these indexes to find postings for legal descriptions utilizing a Condominum/Unit/Building. (ie: Unit 1 Bldg 2 John Doe Condominium)

    Bureau of Land Management
    You can find information on original land patents, survey plats, field notes, and more.

  • FAQ

    Plat of Surveys: 
    If you're interested in obtaining a Plat of Survey for your property, please use our Public Access Document Search tool by clicking here, or contact our office by phone. Surveys are not required to be filed so one may or may not be available.

    What kinds of documents are recorded in the Register of Deeds?
    The Register of Deeds office handles the recording and filing of deeds, mortgages, land contracts, Subdivision plats, Certified Survey Maps, Condominium declarations, etc.

    Why didn't I receive a copy of my document?
    We return documents to the returnee listed on the document. In many cases the drafter of the document (lending institution, title company, or attorney) will have the document returned to their office.

    Some documents are now electronically recorded. Because it is recorded electronically, there is no paper document to be mailed back. You may call our office to see if something was recorded, but please know the date range of your document when calling.

    I was told I need a legal description of my property, where can I find this?
    The legal description of your property appears on your deed and should appear on any other document recorded to your property. You can also find your legal description on your tax bill. However, the legal description on your tax bill is likely to be a abbreviated version or be incomplete. This should not be used for documents that will be recorded. The online tax roll can be found here: http://tax.waukeshacounty.gov

    I paid off my mortgage. Will I receive a new deed?
    No. Under Wisconsin law, you will only receive one deed to your property and you should have received it shortly after you closed on your property. If you take a look at your deed, you will notice that your name appears as a "Grantee" but the bank is never mentioned. So, when you pay your mortgage in full, it is not necessary to update your deed.

    What does need to be done is to have a "Satisfaction of Mortgage" recorded with the Register of Deeds office. Financial institutions are required to record such a document within a specified timeframe. If you received a "Satisfaction of Mortgage" endorsed with a time, date, and document number from the Register of Deeds office, nothing further needs to be done. if you have not received the endorsed satisfaction document, you should check with your lender to be certain they submitted the appropriate paperwork.

    How far back can I search your website?
    Currently, the records on the website go back to 1915. However, documents from 1915-1994 must have the document location (document number, reel/image, volume/page) to be able to pull them up. Indexing data for these documents is incomplete and being updated daily.

    How do I change my deed so that it reflects my married name?
    This question is more complex than it seems at first. In its simplest form, you are not required to take any action. When you sell the property at some point in the future, simply indicate on the deed, for example: "Mary Smith, nka (now known as) Mary Jones hereby grants…etc." However, there are many other details that impact the answer to this question. The most important of which is Wisconsin’s Marital Property law. This law assumes that property used by a couple during the course of a marriage is jointly owned unless specified otherwise. If you wish to remain the sole owner of the property and do not intend to convey any interest in the property to your spouse, steps must be taken prior to and during the marriage to assure that this occurs. If, however, you intend for your spouse to share in the ownership of the property, there are a number of ways a married couple can hold title to property and each one has distinct legal implications. Depending on your financial status, age and other factors, a trust might even be advisable.

    Can you tell me about easements or deeded lake access on a property?
    No. This is a question best received from a title company. You are certainly able to search our records yourself, but unless you are familiar with searching land records, it will be a time-consuming and complicated task. The Register of Deeds staff is not able to search easements for you.

    Is my property free and clear of encumbrances? Can you answer questions about my title?
    The Register of Deeds office is not authorized to render opinions regarding the status of title. Professional title examiners or abstractors use the records in our office as well as searching records in other county offices to determine if the title is free and clear.

    Title policies and title reports are not recorded in our office. These are prepared and issued by private title companies, and you will need to contact a title company for information on these.

    I need to know if there are any liens on my property. Can you do that? Can I do it myself?
    No, this is the work of a title company. While our office records mortgages and federal tax liens, there are a number of liens that are not recorded here. These would include contractors’ liens, association fees, state tax liens, local special assessments, and unpaid property taxes, etc, which appear in other public records. The title companies can do a complete search of all public records to give you a full and complete report of the status of your property title.

    While you can certainly come in and search our records, practically speaking, a title search is an in-depth and complex procedure that is best handled by a professional.

    Can you tell me the date my house was built? Do you have building plans/permits? What about subdivision restrictions and rules?
    No. The Register of Deeds records land records, and does not have access to building plans or information on the building itself. You can check with the local municipality for additional information on buildings. You can check with our online public access database to see if subdivision restrictions were recorded for your subdivision. However, they may not have been recorded and then we would not have any information to assist you.

    Can I use your Public Access Document Search on my phone, tablet, or other mobile device?
    No. While we’ve upgraded to enable users to use Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, you must use a desktop or laptop computer. You may have difficulties viewing and purchasing documents on a mobile device.

    I am filing for bankruptcy and need a copy of my deed and mortgages. Can you help me?
    We can help you get your deed, if you bring an address or tax key number to identify the correct parcel. Mortgages are far more complicated, and the Register of Deeds cannot identify the correct mortgage documents. That falls into a lien search, and your attorney should offer you guidance as to which mortgages documents, and which pages, you will need.

    Do you have a particular attorney I should call?
    We are unable to offer attorney recommendations for people. However, you may contact the Waukesha County Bar Association's Lawyer and Referral Information Service. You can also visit them online at: www.waukeshalawyers.org or call (262) 544-4016

    Can you recommend a surveyor or title company?
    Like attorneys, we are unable to offer recommendations of surveying companies and title companies.

    You can find a list of title companies associated with the Wisconsin Land Title Association at http://www.wlta.org/membership.asp.
    You can search for land surveyors by clicking on the “resources” tab on the Wisconsin Society of Land Surveyors website here: https://www.wsls.org/.



If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Land Records here: Land Records (wclandrecords@waukeshacounty.gov)