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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 262-548-7589

Notice: The Register of Deeds office cannot provide legal advice. If you need assistance drafting or interpreting legal documents, you can contact a Real Estate Attorney, Title Company, or the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Lawyer Referral Service (https://www.wisbar.org/forPublic/INeedaLawyer/Pages/i-need-a-lawyer.aspx or call 1-800-362-9082).

Additionallywe do not determine the acreage of a parcel, lot lines, gaps in legal descriptions, where trees, bushes, and/or power lines lie or resolve disputes against neighboring lot lines. Additionally, we do not maintain sale information for any properites. Any information regarding sale prices from our office may not be accurate.

The Land Records division of the Register of Deeds receives newly recorded documents from the Recording Desk and indexes the information found on them to ensure that they are able to be searched for and found by the public.

 * For General questions, please try the Wisconsin Register of Deeds association at http://wrdaonline.org/

* For questions or issues regarding Fee-based online document access, please email [email protected] and include "Document Access" in the subject line.

Large Print Orders: 
Large print orders recieved in our office may take 1-2 business days to process (depending on the size of the order). Please contact ahead of time with questions.

All in-office copy purchases must be completed by 4:00 pm. We are not able to sell any document copies after 4:15 pm daily.


To schedule an appointment with Land Records that will require more than 15 minutes (i.e. researching, items recorded prior to 1994, multiple copies), please click "here" or call (262) 548-7589.

Please review HERE if you need to help finding the legal description prior to searching our Public Access database. 

The Waukesha County Tax Listing Website will provide the legal description to the property if you need it before you search our Public Access database.

We have three options available to obtain land record document copies for properties located in Waukesha County. Before choosing the option that works best for you, please review the following guidelines carefully:

     • You must provide specific recording data necessary to process your request (ie: document number, volume/page, reel/image). Requests for the most 
        recent deed, or all liens on a property constitutes a title search and will not be fulfilled.

     • We DO NOT perform title searches to find the recording data, that is your responsibility.

     • Document requests from our office must be made either in person or via mail request.

Option One – In Person Option Two – By Mail Option Three – Online
Request copies in person at the Register of Deeds Land Records Service Desk between 8 am and 4:15 pm Monday – Friday. We are unable to sell any document copies after 4:15pm daily. Please arrive no later than 4 pm. Purchases may be made by Credit/Debit, Cash, or Check. Register of Deeds staff will not perform title searches or Land Records research. Request copies by mail. You must provide the recording information (document number, volume/page, reel/image) along with the proper fee and a self-addressed stamped business size envelope. Please include a current phone number with your request in case we have questions.   Search, view and purchase copies of documents on our Public Access Website. There is no fee to search or view documents. A guide to help you search for documents is located on our website by clicking here. Our online database contains all maps and plats and documents recorded on or after January 1, 1994. 

Plats of Survey: 
If you're interested in obtaining a plat of survey for your property, please use our Public Access Document Search tool by clicking here, or contact our office by phone or email. There may not be a plat of survey on file for every property.

Document Copy Fees:
Per Wisconsin State Statute 59.43(2)(b), copies of Land Records documents from this office are:

$2.00 for the first page of a document
+$1.00 for each additional page to a document
+$1.00 to have a document certified by our office

Note: if purchasing documents online, there is an additional $5.00 convenience fee and $1.00 processing fee.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Land Records by email or phone:
Land Records ([email protected])