Index of Storm Water Documents

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Index of Forms and Related Links: 
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**For a quick overview of our storm water and erosion control program and its requirements, please click here for our handy reference guide.**

Attention: All documents are in PDF format; if you wish to obtain a document in Word format, please call 262-896-8300.

 Application Forms: 

  • Storm Water Permit Application (fillable PDF)
  • Small Site/Utility Installation Form* (fillable PDF) (* sites < one acre of total land disturbance and no storm water plan)
  • General Requirements Agreement (Form)
  • Permit Extension/Amendment Request Form(fillable PDF)
  • Plan Implementation Sign-off (Form)


Design Guidance/Summaries: 

Development Review Team: 

Drawing Samples: 

Financial Assurance: 


 Maintenance Agreements and Permit Temination: 


Ordinance Admin. Standards: 


Stabilization Charts: 

Storm Water Related Links: 

Verification Forms, Construction Inspection, As-Built Standards: