Dog Exercise Areas

Updated: 7/23/2014 10:52:05 AM

Dog Exercise Areas

The Waukesha County Park System has two off-leash Dog Exercise Areas (DEA) currently open - Minooka Park in Waukesha and Nashotah Park in Nashotah. A new off-leash Dog Exercise Area is under construction at Mukwonago Park. For more information view links under Dog Exercise Area Info.


General Guidelines:

  • There is no extra fee to enjoy the Dog Exercise Area. The Dog Exercise Area is open the same hours as the park – sunrise to 10 p.m. year round. It is a State Statute that dogs running at large and untagged are subject to impoundment and/or penalties (174.042). A dog license is required for the keeping of any dog over 5 months of age (174.07).
    Contact your local municipal clerk’s office for Dog License.

  • Dogs are allowed within any of the Waukesha County Parks (sorry, dogs are NOT allowed at Retzer Nature Center) provided dogs are licensed, leashed and owners clean up and properly dispose of pet waste. 

Existing Dog Exercise Areas

  Click for Minooka Dog Exercise Area Map               Click for Nashotah Dog Exercise Area Map
                           Minooka Park - Waukesha                                                             Nashotah Park - Nashotah
                   (Click on thumbnails for larger map)

Dog Exercise Area Info:

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