Court Services

Updated: 4/21/2016 10:44:13 AM


Captain Frank McElderry
Division Commander
(262) 548-7718

Lieutenant Brian Bortmess
(262) 548-7720  

The sheriff of each county is required by state statue to attend the circuit courts. Seventeen of the 19 deputies in the Court Services Division are bailiffs who provide security to 12 circuit courts and five court commissioners, and transport prisoners to and from the courts. When courts are not in session, bailiffs provide security to the Waukesha County Government Center, serve civil process and warrants, and assist the patrol division.

The Court Services Division also has one deputy assigned to service warrants issued by the Circuit Courts. This deputy works with clerical staff, the courts, district attorneys office and other law enforcement agencies to make sure that all the warrants coming from the courts are served in a timely fashion.

The Sheriff’s Department works with the County's Department of Administration and the Circuit Courts to develop and enhance security procedures for Waukesha County. An example of this cooperation is the security-screening station and controlled access program at the Courthouse and Administrative Center.